Ergonomics squared



  • Ergonomic load handling with a vaccum lifter for single-handed operation
  • Flexible, enduring and robust multi-layer hose design
  • Mobile, productive solution for stacking/destacking on pallets
  • Flexible order picking


The all-round talent STILL Ergopick reliably lifts loads of up to 40 kg wherever ergonomic load lifting is needed. Ergonomic handling of bulky materials is greatly facilitated.

The scissor lift of the  Ergopick lifts two pallets with up to 800 kg each to the right working height. The maximum lift height is approximately 700 mm. The vacuum gripper easily commissions and moves any load, also if long or bulky, for example, in the furniture industry.

The STILL Ergopick is characterised by largely versatile and flexibile equipment options for the gripper, adapting it to a wide range of different load types. This way the Ergopick can be deployed in many different order picking or production applications.

Used Trucks

Used Trucks Used Trucks

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  • Enhanced turnover performance with less physical force
  • Safe and rugged components fit for rough applications
  • Use in rough applications and high safety in use


  • A suitable gripper for any load type and application


  • Ergonomic picking of loads without physical strength
  • High handling speed due to quick gripper change for different tasks
  • Fatigue-free order picking, also at floor level


  • Compact order picker for variable use in different applications
  • Handling, stacking and destacking of loads in tight spaces by precise positioning


  • Reduced risk of accidents and breakages
  • Higher operator safety

Environmental Responsibility

  • Maximum energy efficiency at the push of a button
  • Energy efficiency and economy in every type of work