100% power, 100% cool

STILL PowerPlusLife Battery

100% power, 100% cool

In tough conditions and in three-shift operation, conventional lead-acid batteries may reach their physical limits. Our STILL PowerPlusLife battery provides a clear plus in performance and service life with its patented self-cooling system reducing the battery temperature.

  • The PowerPlusLife battery guarantees a substantial plus in performance and endurance by reducing the temperature
  • The overall performance is substantially increased – even in challenging tasks, dynamics and turnover capacity are at extremely high levels
  • This PowerPack saves battery and money

Electric trucks are the perfect all-round machines also for heavy transports. And they are outstandingly feasible. In the past the battery was the limiting factor in especially challenging applications – now STILL offers full performance thanks to a new battery technology!
In very tough applications and in 3-shift operation, conventional lead-acid batteries sometimes reach their (physical) limits. Even one or two spare batteries are not enough to cover the necessary cooling cycles. This often requires using additional batteries or very expensive special batteries with increased energy density. Now STILL offers a completely new solution with its PowerPlusLife battery.

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STILL PowerPlusLife Battery
The STILL PowerPlusLife battery uses proven lead-acid technology (PzS battery) and provides a clear plus in performance and service life with its patented self-cooling system reducing the battery temperature.


Working longer – electric power replacing diesel.
The battery allows a substantial increase of the overall performance – in challenging tasks such as in the beverage industry or in general multi-shift applications dynamics and turnover performance are at a level reserved for diesel trucks in the past.

Maximale Leistung

Runs faster – a boost in turnover performance.
A clear increase in performance compared to conventional batteries is possible. For example, lift speed and acceleration can be increased by up to 25% and the 8-ton RX 60-80 electric counter balanced truck increases the maximum driving speed by 18% from 17 to 20 km/h.

Längere Lebensdauer

Extended service life – the energy-saving power package.
An operating temperature reduction of up to 20°C saves energy. This extends the service life by one or two years, even in the toughest applications. This means that the PowerPlusLife battery is also budget-friendly, because the batteries need less replacement and fewer spare batteries.


Comparison PowerPlusLife battery. Example STILL RX 60-80

Die PowerPlusLife Batterie im Vergleich am Beispiel des STILL RX 60-80

Self-cooling batteries: more power for large electric forklift trucks.

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