STILL press interview

19th and 20th September 2019 in Hamburg

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Here you will find a video and pictures of the STILL press interview.

The new RX 60

The new RX 60


Please find all pressinformation to download here.

  • Technical Data
  • Press Release
  • Use Case Lünewell
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Here you can find all videos of the new STILL RX 60.



STILL RX 60 - Product-trailer

STILL RX 60 - Availability



  • Easily Accessible: Highest range with one battery charge
  • Ultra Fast: Easy-to-operate lateral battery change
  • Ready At All Times:  Optional STILL Lithium- Ion technology

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  • RX 60 Availability Video Download MP4, 9 MB Download



  • Exceptional Performance: Highest handling performance in its class
  • Intelligent Support: Traction control and other assistance functions 
  • Performance Boost: Sprint mode for peak performance
  • High Performance Variant: With extra-powerful drive and lift motors

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  • RX 60 Performance Video Download MP4, 25 MB Download

STILL RX 60 - Performance

STILL RX 60 - Workstation



  • Safe Entry: Large handle, anti-slip rubber mat and wide step
  • Ideal Workstation: Spacious cabin with STILL Easy Control on-board computer
  • Operation Power Tailored To Your Specifications: Wide variety of equipment options
  • Flexible Control Options: Multi-lever, mini-lever, fingertip or Joystick 4Plus 
  • Adjustable Performance Dynamic: Parameters can be adjusted to personal preferences

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  • RX 60 Workstation Video Download MP4, 25 MB Download



Experience your RX 60 seconds!

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STILL RX 60 - Teaser