Digital Product Launch

STILL Electric Forklift Truck RX 60

13. October 2020

Premiere of the STILL RX 60-35/50

Electric trucks as important components for emission-free intralogistics

In the context of rising energy costs and CO2 reduction, smart energy management moves more and more into the focus of successful logistics strategies. This digital event will show you how emission-free intralogistics and smart energy management can be implemented for transport tasks handling loads from 3.5 to 5 tonnes - with the new STILL RX 60-35/50 electric truck as a specific example.

Making intralogistics efficient by smart energy management

Energy! An indispensable and equally expensive resource for industry, production and retail. Respectively every intralogistic transport task is determined to a large extent by availability, efficiency, ecologic footprint and the cost of the energy required to deliver handling performance and profitability. Continuosly rising electricity costs paralleled by requirements to avoid harmful CO2 emissions force every company to organise and plan the use and consumption of energy with utmost care. Smart energy management is therefore becoming a decisive factor for economically successful logistics strategies. Further aspects are integration into digital control systems and services. Our energy experts showed you the range of options to manage energy successfully and answered your questions. Clear, transparent and comprehensive.

High-performance electric forklifts as suitable components for CO2-free intralogistics

We showed you how to implement emission-free intralogistics and smart energy management in transport tasks handling loads from 3.5 to 5 tonnes, with the specific example of the new electric truck STILL RX 60-35/50. Learn why the new RX 60-35/50 can do everything - except producing exhaust gases! Be it handling performance, ergonomics, safety or availability - the RX 60-35/50 offers our customers the performance that meets their requirements in every respect and sets them up optimally.

Digital Product Launch Recording

The Digital Product Launch of the RX 60 in full length

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