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Order Picker OPX 20-25 iGo neo

Thrillingly dynamic

  • Higher picking performance through autonomous driver assistance operation
  • Safe and reliable recognition of the operator thanks to the hybrid tracking system, even during Z-picking
  • Up to 75 % less mounting and dismounting during picking
  • High handling performance thanks to load capacity of up to 2,500 kg
  • Simultaneous steering, lifting and driving without changing grip using the STILL Easy Drive steering wheel
  • High availability due to optionally available lateral battery change and Li-Ion technology
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You can imagine the autonomous horizontal order picker OPX iGo neo as a reliable colleague who reacts to you and helps to reduce your workload. By means of the latest sensor technology, the vehicle detects its operator, its surroundings, obstacles and distances. A multi-level safety concept and a pedestrian protection system ensure that the OPX iGo neo protects people, warehouse equipment and loads. The vehicle makes decisions based on the data transmitted and defined algorithms: Obstacles are either avoided or the truck stops when the path is completely blocked. If a slower vehicle drives ahead or if a traffic jam develops, the speed is adapted to the situation.

Once the route is clear again, the OPX iGo neo moves up autonomously. For safety reasons, intersections are only crossed autonomously after the operator has given the go-ahead. The operator can of course operate the vehicle manually at any time - an LED signal indicates the current mode. The OPX iGo neo significantly increases picking performance and reduces picking errors. On the one hand, because the autonomous helper takes over driving and steering, allowing the operator to concentrate fully on his work. On the other hand, up to 75 % of the time-consuming and strenuous mounting and dismounting is eliminated and walking distances with loads are greatly reduced.

The OPX 20-25 iGo neo in detail

Simply easy

  • High driving comfort due to height-adjustable, electric steering wheel with automatic neutral position
  • Less need for training thanks to intuitive display and control unit
  • Freedom of movement on the wide operator’s platform with optional extra narrow backrest
  • Maximum energy savings with the ECO driving program
  • iGo neo vehicles drive, steer, accelerate and brake independently and follow their operator at every turn

Simply safe

  • Fatigue-free mounting and dismounting via the low vehicle entrance
  • Excellent visibility thanks to LED daytime running light, Safety Light and Safety Light 4Plus
  • Increased safety when cornering with Curve Speed Control and Dynamic Drive Control
  • Less wear on the forks due to speed reduction with lowered forks
  • iGo neo offers maximum safety for people in the warehouse environment thanks to a unique and multi-level safety concept
  • Minimisation of impact damage even when the OPX iGo neo is driven manually

Simply connected

  • Operator management, shock detection and access protection with FleetManager 4.x
  • Early detection of a flat battery with the LED daytime running light Plus
  • Integration into customer processes via automation interface and MMS preparation
  • iGo neo: safe and reliable operator recognition thanks to the hybrid tracking system, even during Z-picking

Simply powerful

  • High handling performance thanks to a load capacity of up to 2,500 kg
  • Powerful, reliable and low-maintenance 3-kW three-phase AC traction motor
  • Fast goods handling through powerful acceleration and a travel speed of up to 14 km/h
  • Cornering stability and optimum traction with the optional 5-wheel chassis
  • iGo neo: up to 75 % less mounting and dismounting to relieve the operator; picking performance is significantly increased compared to conventional picking

Simply flexible

  • High picking performance without mounting and dismounting thanks to pedestrian operation
  • Fast order picking on the first level with fold-down step and raisable operator’s platform
  • Prevention of back pain with optional air-cushioned driver’s stand and folding seat
  • Flexible use of in-house batteries with the tray for batteries by other manufacturers
  • OPX and OPX iGo neo as basic vehicles available in different variants according to the individual picking requirements

Equipment options

Sharpening all senses: we can support you with our wide range of smart driver assistance systems and functions which will make your day-to-day work significantly easier. You will be able to drive in a safer, more comfortable, efficient and fatigue-free manner – in every driving situation.

Load backrest

Keeping the goods in place: the load backrest stabilises the transported goods at the fork carriage back so that they can be securely transported from A to B.

Access authorisation (without FleetManager 4.x) with PIN

Digicode systems (PIN) are an easy way to prevent unauthorised use of the truck. The truck can be started up quickly and easily, simply by entering the PIN code. This allows the user to limit access authorisation to specific individuals or groups. It is possible to configure up to ten PIN codes.

More information

Driver profile via FleetManager 4.x

Who can use which forklift truck for which area of application? How fast may a certain driver travel in the industrial truck?

The solution: our smart driver profiles in FleetManager 4.x. This web-based application allows the features of the truck to be adapted to the operator’s requirements, such as a reduction in travel, lifting or tilting speed or automatic activation of the lights.


Precise handling of obstacles: the OPX iGo neo acts according to the situation. Forklift trucks will either autonomously drive around an obstacle, or – if it completely blocks the path – the truck will stop. In traffic congestion, the iGo neo will enter convoy operation mode and follow the order picker in front.

Precise handling in the event of obstacles: the OPX iGo neo autonomously avoids obstacles and reacts to the situation. Trucks will either drive around the obstacle, avoid it by driving in convoy, or – if the obstacle completely blocks its path – the truck will stop.

Safety concept: A multi-stage safety concept protects people, warehouse equipment and goods. Special sensors record all dynamic and static objects in the warehouse.

Process reliability – even for empty shelves or crossroads: The OPX iGo neo detects empty shelves and passes them. Crossroads are also detected well in advance of arriving at them and the forklift truck will only drive autonomously over them once the driver has checked the way is clear and has approved the journey.

Process reliability – even for empty racks or crossroads: the OPX iGo neo recognises and passes by empty racks. Crossroads are also detected well in advance and the truck will only drive autonomously over them once the driver has checked the way is clear and has approved the onward journey.

High-performance order picking: the operator can specify whether the device moves to the first or second pallet position. It is also possible to select a position between the two.

High-performance order picking: the operator can specify whether the truck moves to the first or second pallet position or anywhere in-between.

Execution of individual order picking preferences: simply stop OPX iGo neo in the desired position. The truck will stop autonomously at the exact distance from the rack as specified by the operator. If a safe distance of 500 mm is not maintained, the truck will rectify this once it is restarted. The relative position of the truck to the operator and the rack orientation can be adjusted remotely, thereby reducing walking distances.

Productive: The truck follows its operator and always stops at the optimal picking position. Artificial intelligence intuitively adjusts the travel path and speed for the task at hand.

Always in focus: safe and reliable operator recognition thanks to hybrid tracking

Personalised order picking: the forklift truck can be adapted to the operator’s preferences. An optical signal shows whether the truck is oriented to the left, right or centre of the shelf

Total protection: the personal safety system is encapsulated in the front part of the forklift truck, allowing for permanent forklift truck availability.

Taking safety to a new dimension: the optional 3D front camera on the OPX iGo neo detects obstacles across the entire height of the truck.

Maximum safety in series: the pedestrian protection system (PPE) actuates the emergency stop in potentially dangerous situations

Safety in a new dimension: the optional 3D front camera of the OPX iGo neo detects obstacles over the entire vehicle height

Transport of load carriers up to a width of 1,000 mm for a broad range of applications.

Everything under control: with the remote control all important vehicle functions can be controlled from the current position of the operator

Intuitive operation: as an alternative to the remote control, the most important functions can be operated using the keypad on the side

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  • Data Sheet OPX 20-25 iGo neo PDF, 14 MB Download
  • Operating instruction OPX iGo neo PDF, 12 MB Download

The document provided for download is the updated version of the operating instructions for the standard truck. It does not include descriptions of customer options (Customer Option). For a concrete truck, please request the respective specific manual according to the serial number and the year of production from the STILL spare parts service.

Model Overview

Maximum capacity (kg)
Maximum lift height (mm)
Travel speed (km/h)
Battery voltage (V)
OPX 20 / Li-Ion 2.000 12 24
OPX 25 / Li-Ion 2.500 12 24