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Optimum solution for every requirement.

The Xcellence Line and Classic Line from STILL.

At STILL we believe that your intralogistics solutions should be based on your requirements. And they can vary even within one company. Therefore we offer two product lines that are tailored precisely to them: the Xcellence Line and the Classic Line.

The Xcellence Line offers the most advanced technology for demanding applications, highly variable and customisable. The Classic Line, on the other hand, offers entry-level solutions with a focus on core functions - standardised, quickly available and at an attractive price point.

No matter which product line you choose, you can always count on our top quality service and long term partnership, based on transparency and expert advice. So your processes are always running flawlessly.

Dedicated product lines for specific requirements

What fits your needs best?

Our goal is to provide the best product that fits to your needs. See the different approaches of C-Line and X-Line to find out, which characteristics meet your requirements.

Classic Line logo

Concentrating on the essentials

Not everything that is technologically possible is always needed. Classic Line was introduced to cover entry-level intralogistics requirements with lower complexity and standardized, reliable trucks.

Do you see yourself here?

  • You need quickly available, attractively priced vehicles
  • Your operating times are rather short
  • You simply want to do your job without compromizing on quality
  • You need an uncomplicated truck for your intralogistics
Xcellence Line Logo

As individual as your requirements

A wide range of customer options, highest performance features, state-of-the-art assistance systems and smart connectivity features, the Xcellence Line is the best choice for intralogistics at the highest level.

Do you see yourself here?

  • Your operations require the highest performance features
  • You mostly work in a 2 or 3-shift-sequence
  • You would like to to provide highest ergonomical & comfort features to your employees

Example Applications for our Product lines

At STILL we try to offer you the best fitting solution for your warehouse truck, wether you are a small business owner with little palett turnover or a big wholesaler with 3-shift-operations and multiple locations. We will find the smartest vehicle to meet your intralogistics operations with ease.
Which of these approaches fits to your requirements and situation in your warehouse?

C-Line Content Image

Your agricultural plant operates in one shift. You need a vehicle that can lift up to two tons to transport different harvest from A to B. The forklift driver doesn't spend too much time in the forklift truck. You need a machine that simply does its job and provides just the right amount of safety and comfort features.

X-Line Image

You have a high pallet turnover per day and 2- or 3-shift-operations. Your team members operating minimum 80% of their shift with a truck. Highest battery capacities and the highest performance features are needed to handle the amount of incoming client orders.
Ensure the well-being of your operating employees with comfortable seating options and various individual customer options like high-comfort seats.

Work shift
Classic Line 1-Shift-operation Basic features Short delivery time thanks to standardised configurations The first-class STILL service team is always available for you
Xcellence Line Up to 3-Shift-operation Features for maximum performance Customisation for a tailor-made product The first-class STILL service team is always available for you

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