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Process optimization in the warehouse

Bye Bye Chaos! Hi smart processes!

Benefit from intralogistics processes that give your company wings. Custom-fit. Optimized. Smart.

Process optimization in the warehouse: Take your intralogistics to the next level!

Intralogistics processes are an important pillar of business success. Precisely tailored to your requirements, framework conditions and objectives, they are the key to sustainable growth, energy efficiency, occupational safety and ergonomics in your warehouse.

Where do you stand with your intralogistics processes? Are they in line with your current business situation? What are your individual challenges? We are at your side as partners, advising and accompanying you on the way to smart processes in your intralogistics.

Non-optimized process
Smart process
Goods Receipt

Optimising incoming goods with intelligent technology such as the compact RXE, EXH-S & EXH-SF and material flow management software increases efficiency.

This approach

  • maximises space
  • speeds up operations in a safe way and
  • reduces costs

by streamlining inventory management and reducing waste.

Goods Receipt

In the goods receiving zone, delivered goods are checked quickly and reliably, recorded without errors and booked into the warehouse in a structured way.


Optimising your warehouse with FM-X, NXV and matching racking systems improves space utilisation and working speed. This facility

  • streamlines inventory management and
  • reduces costs.


No two warehouses are alike. A smart warehouse concept makes optimum use of the existing space to enable easy access to goods and transparent inventory at all times - an important prerequisite for maximum handling performance and productivity.

Order picking

Intelligent technologies in warehouse logistics, such as automated order pickers, mobile robots and guided vehicles, increase efficiency through faster order fulfilment and reduce errors.
They offer:

  • flexibility for changing requirements,
  • save costs by reducing manual labour
  • and enable continuous process improvements through data analysis.

Order picking

Optimized picking processes ensure that all goods can be found quickly, accurately and without errors, and that they can be put together for further processing. Aspects of safety and work ergonomics play a major role here.

Production supply

Intelligent technologies in production supply, such as automated tugger trains and customised safety solutions, increase efficiency in the warehouse.

They ensure consistent material flows,

  • increase safety,
  • reduce manual processes,
  • and thus reduce costs.

Production supply

In the right place at the right time. Reliably, accident-free, on a direct route. The larger the warehouse, the greater the volume of traffic, and the greater the number of different vehicles and routes. That is why it is so important to have cleanly planned processes for efficient and smooth production supply.

Packaging / Shipping

Intelligent technologies such as material flow management and automatically guided vehicles optimise packaging and shipping processes in warehouses.


  • speed up the transport of goods,
  • improve accuracy when putting together consignments,
  • reduce manual labour and save costs.

Packaging / Shipping

In an optimized packaging process, all goods are labeled without errors, packed securely, and packaging material is saved at the same time.

Goods outbound

Intelligent technologies in warehouse logistics, such as electric forklift trucks and pallet trucks, improve efficiency and speed in the outbound area.


  • reduce costs through less manual work
  • optimise the use of space.

Safer and more precise control increases work safety, while data-supported analyses continuously improve processes.


Goods outbound

Last but not least, smart outbound processes ensure that all goods reach the customer on time, reliably and in perfect condition. Standardized, transparent goods inspection, as well as safe and speedy loading and transport processes are of central importance for this.

Smart processes for your intralogistics: Let´s do this together!

Process optimization begins with a detailed inventory and analysis of the existing material flow and logistics processes. In this way, we identify strengths, weaknesses and potentials, from which we then derive measures and solutions for targeted process optimization for your warehouse. Together with you we decide which measures, optimizations and changes are suitable for you and accompany you gladly also with the conversion, implementation and training.

Intralogistics processes are as individual as your company. This makes it all the more important to analyze your own structures, goals and potentials and to define process optimizations that are precisely tailored to your company. We accompany you on this path with years of experience and expertise - in a cooperative, transparent and solution oriented manner. Let´s make your intralogistics smart. Together!

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Small change, big effect: Retrofit in process optimization

Evolution instead of revolution: Process optimization does not have to mean complete renewal. Rather, retrofitting in intralogistics is a successful method of gradually increasing the efficiency and performance of processes, reducing costs and increasing adaptability to changing market requirements. Through the targeted integration of innovative technologies, such as automated conveyor technology, into existing infrastructures, established plants and systems can be gradually modernized and further developed.

What are currently the biggest challenges in intralogistics?

  • Digitalisation and automation: The integration of networked systems, real-time data and automated processes is crucial for efficient and sustainable intralogistics.
  • Shortage of personnel: In the competition for qualified employees, factors such as occupational safety, ergonomics and attractive working conditions play an ever-increasing role.
  • Flexibility: Markets are dynamic and volatile. Companies must be able to respond quickly and flexibly to changing market conditions, customer requirements and delivery situations.
  • Sustainability: The responsible use of valuable resources, the use of sustainable energy systems and the reduction of C02 through smart processes and innovative technologies is a crucial prerequisite for successful intralogistics in the future.
  • Change management: The successful introduction of new technologies and processes requires continuous adaptation of the organization and a high willingness to change on the part of employees. This must be managed sensitively.

Optimizing your intralogistics processes is key to sustainable success

Intelligent networking and automation

It is no longer possible to imagine modern intralogistics without automated guided vehicles and automated pickers. Increasingly, autonomous, AI-controlled, self-learning systems, real-time data and predictive analytics are also being used, making holistic, networked and optimized warehouse and process management possible. Processes can be continuously monitored, controlled and optimized, sources of error are minimized, efficiency and occupational safety are increased. Join us on the road to IoT - together we will define the perfect level of automation and the right processes for your future-oriented warehouse.

Employer attractiveness and ergonomic workplaces

Today, a modern, attractive working environment is an important differentiator in the international competition for qualified employees. Create workplaces that your employees will love! Innovative technologies and optimized intralogistics processes create structure, order and clear processes, reduce stress and strengthen the motivation and loyalty of the workforce. These are all important prerequisites for safe workplaces and healthy, ergonomic work.


Companies must be able to react quickly to changing market conditions, customer requirements and delivery situations.


Sustainable corporate management and a resonable CO2 footprint have long since gone from being a "nice to have" to a "must have". Efficient processes, error minimization and the optimized use of raw materials are important factors here, and innovative technologies and smart energy systems also help to reduce CO2 emissions in the long term.

Change management

Growth, further development and the continuous implementation of innovative technologies and processes demand a high degree of adaptability and willingness to change from the workforce. Do not leave your employees alone on this path, but support them with transparent communication, comprehensible processes and a qualitative training offering.

What do you need for your intralogistics?

Optimized intralogistics processes are a booster for your productivity and entrepreneurial growth, for customer satisfaction and occupational safety. In addition, a thorough process analysis and targeted implementation of optimization potentials enable you to work more resource-efficiently and sustainably.

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