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STILL Original Parts®

Safety begins with Original spare parts

What sets STILL apart is not only the high availability, quality and performance of the industrial trucks, but the fact that the spare parts are also subject to the same exacting standards.

Why choose Original Parts®?


Only by using Original parts can you guarantee that your parts have been subjected to STILL’s exacting quality standards and the use of high-quality materials, which in turn guarantees the highest level of safety for you and your trucks. Product and brand piracy is extremely harmful to those purchasing imitation products. Counterfeit products are manufactured under questionable production conditions and often come with considerable health and safety risks due to their inferior quality.



STILL Original parts® are certified and undergo intensive quality controls. They guarantee the highest levels of reliability and ‘Made in Germany’ quality. With a long service life and guaranteed minimum availability of 12 years, they ensure the ongoing operation of your fleet, help to retain the value of your trucks and prevent expensive downtimes. The fact that these imitations appear so much cheaper is due to the lack of quality controls and the use of inferior materials. There is no way of knowing what the subsequent costs incurred as a result of buying these imitations will be.



Only STILL Original Parts® can guarantee fast repairs with OEM quality. We can supply over 51,000 spare parts in the shortest possible time.

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Prongs with special non-slip coating*

When driving on uneven surfaces, transporting grid boxes or when braking hard, the load on the forks can sometimes move about unintentionally. There are many advantages to applying a prong coating* as a retrofit:

  • easy on-site retrofitting (for all types of truck and prongs)
  • protects against slipping of the load and therefore increases work safety
  • increased safety thanks to colour signalling
  • reduces damage to goods
  • reduces noise emissions by damping goods picking
  • increases the abrasion resistance of the prongs, therefore extending their service life
  • colour signals: greater visibility reduces risk of accidents
  • electrically conductive version also available

* Patent pending in Germany. Utility model protection in Germany


STILL Original super-elastic tyres

Super-elastic tyres from STILL are solid tyres made up of multiple layers. These are made entirely from a special rubber compound; they are extremely robust and are not air-filled. This limits the extent to which shocks and vibrations are absorbed.

The way that STILL Original super-elastic tyres are constructed makes them completely puncture-resistant and means they require zero servicing. They offer a very high degree of stability, with low rolling resistance and flexible handling options, as they can also be mounted on pneumatic tyre rims.

STILL Original super-elastic tyres are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

STILL Original pneumatic tyres

Pneumatic tyres from STILL are air-filled tyres made from a special rubber compound. They are designed to offer excellent driving comfort and a high degree of traction, and are also suitable for driving on uneven surfaces.

STILL pneumatic tyres provide the best possible shock absorption, helping to protect the truck, driver and load. Even when transporting extremely heavy loads and navigating tight corners, they offer high lateral stability and low rolling resistance.

STILL Original pneumatic tyres are intended for outdoor use.

STILL Original solid rubber tyres

Solid rubber tyres from STILL are made from a highly resistant rubber compound, are not air-filled and have a very small diameter. Solid rubber tyres do not function as a shock absorbers.

STILL Original solid rubber tyres are completely puncture-resistant and require zero servicing. They are ideal for transporting very heavy loads or for use in applications that require particularly precise handling.

STILL Original solid rubber tyres are designed for indoor use.