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  • High manoeuvrability due to large steering angle
  • Easy crossways loading of pallets thanks to loading rollers under the tips of the forks
  • Ergonomically optimised tiller shape for fatigue-free operation


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With lifting capacities of between 1000 kg and 3000 kg, the HPS and HPT hand pallet trucks are incredibly versatile with applications for production, retail, logistics service providers and workshops, where they can be relied upon to manoeuvre in the tightest of spaces, transport goods or load and unload lorries. These products feature a robust steel construction that has been designed with durability in mind, boasting torsional rigidity and proving ideal for even the most heavy-duty of applications. Their compact design, various fork sizes and load capacities allow these hand lift trucks to be adapted to suit the particular application in question perfectly. The HPS 25 and its standard quick lifting function make it possible for loads of up to 200 kg to be lifted with even more speed, resulting in better handling performance. Thanks to the extensive range of tyre options available, the rollers can be adapted to the ground conditions to ensure optimum rolling performance.

The HPS / HPT in detail


  • Effective goods handling with the capacity to transport goods weighing up to 3000 kg
  • Torsionally rigid steel construction guaranteeing durability and reliability for demanding applications
  • Low wear thanks to powder-coated surfaces
  • Powerful motion with the manual or electrical scissor lift function making it possible to lift loads of up to 1000 kg to a height of up to 800 mm
  • Even better handling performance for loads of up to 200 kg with the HPS 25’s quick lifting function as standard


  • Optimised tiller handle shape and functionality for guaranteed fatigue-free operation
  • Ergonomic operation with lift heights of up to 800 mm
  • Effortless – electrical lifting and lowering of loads, meaning physical strain is kept to a minimum


  • Optional operating and parking brake ensures safety even on ramps
  • Improved safety thanks to supports that can be used for lift heights of 400 mm or more
  • Hydraulic overload protection to prevent errors and guarantee correct usage
  • Splash-proof display unit for scales for use outdoors


  • Easier and quicker crossways loading of pallets thanks to the loading and unloading guides
  • Precision even in the tightest of spaces due to the tiller’s large steering angle
  • Safe handling of delicate goods with high-precision lowering of the forks
  • Fuel savings thanks to suitable tyre options that guarantee optimal grip and minimum rolling resistance in all situations
  • Option to expand the weighing system and combine process steps into one for increased efficiency


  • Various fork lengths and widths available to ensure you have the right equipment for every requirement
  • Exceptional manoeuvrability even in the tightest of spaces due to the tiller’s large steering angle

Environmental Responsibility

  • Over 95 % of all materials used are recyclable HPS and HPT


The document provided for download is the updated version of the operating instructions for the standard truck. It does not include descriptions of customer options (UPA). For a concrete truck, please continue to request the respective specific manual according to the serial number and the year of production from the STILL spare parts service.

Model Overview

Model Maximum capacity (kg) Maximum lift height (mm) Travel speed (km/h)
HPS 20 2.000 115 variable
HPS 20 W 2.000 115 variable
HPS 25 2.500 115 variable
HPS 25 W 2.500 115 variable
HPT 10 XM 1.000 715 variable
HPT 10 XE 1.000 715 variable
HPT 20 FL 2.000 115 variable
HPT 25 2.500 115 variable
HPT 25 GA 2.500 115 variable
HPT 25 ST 2.500 115 variable
HPT 30 3.000 115 variable