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Tugger Trains

Our Trolleys

Patented technology - state-of-the-art intralogistics

Trolleys are the carriers for the load carriers to be moved. Different load carriers handle different types of load ranging from small parts to complete components. In most cases, the trolleys are deployed with the STILL LiftRunners in the tugger train. The LiftRunners can be loaded and unloaded by hand or automatically.

Thanks to many equipment options, the range of available trolleys is very broad. The trolleys are combinable with different frames adapting them to different load carriers with varying dimensions, for example.

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STILL TrolleyMover 4W 15

Smooth load handling – use our TrolleyMover 4W 15 to handle heavy loads safe and easily, saving space at the same time. It is designed to load and unload trolleys from the B frames and E frames.

Space-efficient transport of long materials thanks to 4-way function

  • Standard travel mode forward and reverse to cover long distances
  • Flexible use in tight spaces by 4-way drive mode to move in any direction

Safe transport of heavy loads

  • Designed for loads of up to 1,500 kg
  • Transporting long goods in the direction of travel

Space-efficient turning

  • 360° turns in standard drive mode
  • Turns on the spot

Safe operation by automated functions

  • Automatic release and lock of the trolley fasteners on LiftRunner B frames and E frames
  • Safe trolley loading and unloading on B frames and E frames

Tractors - the STILL electric tow tractors

The electric tow tractors STILL LTX and STILL LXT 120/350 tow the LiftRunners – B frames, C frames and E frames – which pick up the trolleys safe and easily.

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