STILL TrolleyMover 4W 15

Smooth load handling – use our TrolleyMover 4W 15 to handle heavy loads safe and easily, saving space at the same time. It is designed to load and unload trolleys from the B frames and E frames.

Space-efficient transport of long materials thanks to 4-way function

  • Standard travel mode forward and reverse to cover long distances
  • Flexible use in tight spaces by 4-way drive mode to move in any direction

Safe transport of heavy loads

  • Designed for loads of up to 1,500 kg
  • Transporting long goods in the direction of travel

Space-efficient turning

  • 360° turns in standard drive mode
  • Turns on the spot

Safe operation by automated functions

  • Automatic release and lock of the trolley fasteners on LiftRunner B frames and E frames
  • Safe trolley loading and unloading on B frames and E frames

Tractors - the STILL electric tow tractors

The electric tow tractors STILL LTX and STILL R 07 tow the LiftRunners – B frames, C frames and E frames – which pick up the trolleys safe and easily.