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Narrow-aisle trucks

High-bay stackers and vertical order pickers - as individual as your high-bay warehouse

Storage and order picking in confined spaces
High-bay racking with very narrow aisles is one of the most effective ways to organise a warehouse in terms of volume utilisation. With a narrow aisle solution, you make optimal use of your existing warehouse floor space and in many cases save on costly expansions. Compared to conventional wide-aisle warehouses, you benefit from up to 45 percent more pallet storage spaces.

Safe and efficient: Storage and retrieval in aisles that are only 1,080 mm wide and up to 18 metres above the floor require a high level of precision and concentration. Intelligent assistance, control and safety systems therefore support the operator and make STILL narrow aisle solutions extra safe and extra efficient.

Our planning, your success. As no two high-bay warehouses are the same, STILL is a strong partner at your side for planning and implementation right from the start: together we create a goods and information flow concept tailored to your needs. We support you in choosing the right racking systems and configure each narrow aisle truck or vertical order picker optimally to your application profile. We always keep the factors of efficiency, ergonomics, safety and performance in mind.

Intelligent extras: By integrating STILL narrow aisle trucks and vertical order pickers into your existing warehouse management software (WMS) or one provided by us, your fleet is optimally guided through the warehouse. Even better, you can opt for the next level of efficiency by having us automate your narrow aisle warehouse. This way you achieve the highest possible process reliability and transparency for your flow of goods.

  • Efficient bearing compression – Combination of narrow aisles and working heights up to 18 metres
  • High handling capacity and performance – Direct pallet access paired with innovative technology and clever assistance systems
  • Safe and ergonomic working – Spacious and individual cabin concepts and reliable safety systems
  • Highest process reliability – Integrated into warehouse management systems or fully automated
  • Modularity down to the smallest screw – Vehicle configurations suitable for every application

Advice on narrow aisle trucks

  • Recording the actual state
  • Analyse the logistical challenges
  • Development of the high-bay warehouse and vehicle concept
  • Optional: Examination of automation potentials or holistic warehouse planning

Our expert advisors are available to answer your questions.

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Narrow aisle trucks from STILL

What is important to you? The right vehicle for your application
Li-Ion battery
Degree of automation
Classic Line STILL Classic Line trucks are ideally suited for light-duty operations in single-shift operation. The Classic Line trucks have standardised equipment and are quickly available.
Xcellence Line STILL Xcellence Line trucks are ideal for all applications, especially in multi-shift operations. The Xcellence Line trucks are configured individually according to your requirements and integrated precisely into your intralogistics processes.

Advantages of STILL narrow aisle trucks

Maximum efficiency and safety through assistance systems

  • Active Floor Compensation (AFC) compensates for uneven ground on the load wheels' tracks in real time for maximum efficiency
  • Active load stabilisation (ALS) reduces mast vibrations and increases handling performance by up to 5 percent
  • STILL Optispeed - optimisation of travel and truck performance depending on weight and lift height for maximum goods turnover

Process excellence through automation

  • iGo pilot navigation: Semi-automatic travel and fork guidance to a defined destination
  • iGo pilot safety: Up to 15 safety functions for automatic reaction at danger points
  • iGo systems: Driverless transport - with standardised automation kits from series vehicle to AGV (*Automated guided vehicle)

Highest availability through Li-Ion battery technology

  • Intermediate charging possible, short charging times
  • More power with less energy consumption
  • Maintenance-free battery technology and double service life

Narrow aisle trucks in practice

Advice on narrow aisle trucks

Our expert advisors are available to answer your questions.

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Downloads narrow aisle trucks

Narrow aisle trucks from STILL

Individuality and functionality for the highest demands: with the STILL MX-X (man-up) and NXV GX-X (man-down) narrow-aisle trucks and the PXV vertical order pickers, you can achieve maximum performance in the smallest of spaces. During operation, well thought-out ergonomics and user-friendly operation support the performance of your employees. Our competent service ensures the full availability of your fleet and the associated mobile personnel protection systems at all times.

Narrow aisle stacker Man-Up - the MX-X

Perfection in performance and comfort.

It sets standards for storage and retrieval and order picking at great heights. Load capacities of up to 1.5 tonnes, reach and storage heights of up to 18 metres and top speeds of 14 km/h are just a few facets of the enormous handling performance that can be achieved with the STILL MX-X (Man-Up). Active Load Stabilisation (ALS) reduces mast vibrations and increases handling performance by up to 5 per cent, while Active Floor Compensation (AFC) guarantees top speeds even on uneven ground. Spacious and versatile cab, intuitive controls and excellent visibility and access to the load offer unique operating comfort.

Vertical Order Picker PXV

The new dimension of order picking

It is the king of order picking and impresses with its exceptional goods handling and maximum reach heights, as well as offering a whole new level of safety and ergonomics. Whether put to use in wide or narrow-aisle warehouses, no other order picker uses space and time as cleverly as the PXV vertical order picker. With an order picking height of 14.5 metres, the ‘large’ variant – which has a load capacity of 1,200 kg – can reach even the highest shelves. Its little brother meanwhile can work at reach heights of up to 7.8 metres with a load capacity of 1,000 kg. In both versions, smooth mast transition journeys not only ensure comfortable working but also impressive goods handling.

Narrow aisle truck NXV

Working close to the ground in narrow aisle

Narrow aisles, high shelves, heavy goods, little space? If these are the requirements, then the answer has exactly three letters: NXV. The narrow aisle truck is the ideal partner for efficient warehouse compaction in small spaces. Thanks to its compact dimensions and the rotating swivelling push or telescopic fork, it does not need much space on the ground and feels right at home even in narrow aisles. At height, on the other hand, the NXV needs quite a bit of space. Up to 13.8 metres, to be precise - for fast and reliable storage and retrieval.