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As a welder, you will join different metals together and assemble systems and construction components using different welding procedures. You will assemble fixtures in accordance with the works plan, and create structural and safety-related components according to the specifications on drawings, works plans, welding instructions and welding sequence plans.

Your responsibilities include MAG welding by hand and/or with the help of robots, and then testing and measuring the processed workpiece.



Interview - STILL IR assembly welder

  • Name: Maximilian Schwenn
  • Position: IR assembly welder
  • Playing field: Hamburg Head Office
  • Key player at STILL since:
    August 2010
  • Playing position: Frame construction at the Hamburg Head Office

What was your route into STILL?
When I left school I wanted to undergo vocational training as a construction mechanic. I had done internships while I was at school so I was already familiar with the profession and I knew it was the one for me! I also definitely wanted to work in a large or medium-sized company. Because that wasn't possible in my home town in the far north, I looked for a suitable training role around Hamburg. Because of the training they offered and their ideal company size, STILL particularly interested me, so I applied as a construction mechanic. After a recruitment test and a personal interview, I received a phone call where I was offered the training.

Why did you decide to work at STILL?
STILL is a prestigious company and because of this, they offer a good deal of prospects for the future. At STILL I had the opportunity to complete the training of my choice and, after successful completion of that training, work in my dream job.

How did you get to your current position?
While I was still undergoing my three-year vocational training, I took part in the DVS ‘Young Welders’ competition in 2013. ‘Young Welders’ enables young people between the ages of 16 and 23 to prove their welding skills. I won state champion for Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein and competed in the finals for German Champion.

My good performance in the competition enabled me to do a trial day in the Frame Construction department. That department was perfect for me, so I transferred internally from mast construction, where I was initially employed upon completion of my training, to frame construction.

Describe a typical working day and your working environment:
My department is very diverse, which is why I transferred internally. We basically work in a three-shift operation so my working hours vary accordingly. In frame construction, each shift starts with a team discussion to exchange information and delegate tasks.

Depending on what has to be done, I either spend my shift working on one job or a number of them. We always respond flexibly to the Production department’s requirements. If necessary, we also make small repairs. In doing so, you always have to be particularly creative and independently work out how you can get to where you need to be with the welding gum and make the best welding seam possible. But you are never alone; I can always ask my colleagues for help and we support each other.

What makes your work at STILL so exciting?
The variety. For us in the Frame Construction department, the activities are so varied that I can complete a whole host of jobs in a short space of time. It’s not to be taken for granted, but you are always supported by your colleagues and superiors. If you have to do something you have never done before, there are always colleagues to show you how to do it.

Why are you a key player (at STILL)?
We are all key players together, because we work as a strong team. Each individual plays an important role. My contribution is that the forklift truck frames are always solidly welded, so we can offer our customers a reliable machine.

What have been the highlights of working at STILL so far?
I have particularly liked the entire training at STILL. Over the whole duration of it we sat a variety of seminars, learnt about new topics and have always had a trainer on site. Above all, the study trip to Stuttgart in the second year brought me closer to my fellow trainees and enabled us to go on excursions to other companies.

Another highlight was the DVS ‘Young Welders’ competition, which enabled me to show off what I had learnt.

Complete the sentence: Working at STILL is…

Describe STILL (as an employer) in 3 words:
family, future-conscious, cosmopolitan.

What do you like most about STILL?
The way we work together. The professional and personal exchange is open and direct. Sometimes the tone can be slightly coarser, but it’s always honest. I really appreciate that.

Was makes STILL stand out as an employer?
STILL offers its employees a wide range of services. Of course there are the monetary incentives, such as the company pension scheme, but also the opportunities for further development. It starts with the vocational training and continues with continued training on the job. In the time I have been working in the Frame Construction department, I have learnt a great deal from my experienced colleagues. For example, I learnt how to operate the welding robot. But also in the master craftsman training, my colleagues are always there to support me professionally and personally.

Where else do you apply your skills as a key player?
Cooking and baking for my colleagues. After work, I like getting creative in the kitchen and can surprise my colleagues with some tasty goodies or other things.

And at the MOPO Run we stood at the starting line as a team. In 2016, the frame construction team even won first place in the STILL ranking. The frame construction department at STILL is located in the last hangar on the site, but at the MOPO Run we were right at the front. A great team event, where you can show your colleagues from the other departments what you’ve can do.