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Platform Trucks and Tractors - Full power ahead

Platform Trucks and Tractors

Full power ahead

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Basic Truck Application Type Special / Attachments
LT Lorry Tow Tractor
R07 Lorry Tow Tractor
R08 Lorry Platform Transporter
X X-cellence Application
T Transport Platform
FF Foldable Forks


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Tractor trolley - an alternative to forklifts

As the need for fast and efficient internal transport systems grows, businesses are becoming more aware of the benefits of investing in specialized vehicles. As a result, the use of tractor trolleys and platform lifts is becoming more and more common. Unlike vehicles that are designed to lift palletes upwards, electric tractors have no forks or masts and are used for the transport of heavy or bulky goods. They feature a low center of gravity, high vehicle stability and excellent visibility of the surrounding area due to its compact design. This makes tractor trolleys perfect for the transport of goods in areas with high traffic, supplying active production lines and in large-scale facilities like airports. STILL offer a wide selection of vehicles with a towing capacity of up to 25 tons, as well as complementary trailers, frames and trolleys that let you adapt a tractor trolley to suit your business.

LTX - the multi-purpose electric tractor

LTX is a line of multi-purpose tractor trucks with a maximum towable weight of 2 to 7 tons. With a compact design, these vehicles are ideally suited for work in tight, confined spaces. The series includes traditional electric tractors, platform trucks and the unique LTX-FF model which combines an electric tractor and a lift truck with a pull of 5 tonnes and a lifting capacity of 1 ton. The secret of the LTX-FF's high performance is the patented fork-folding mechanism which allows smooth operation and easy switching between the lifting and pulling functions. The design guarantees an optimal level of performance across the entire STILL LTX series thanks to the closed engine design eliminating the risk of failure from contamination, reinforced tyres and the use fo efficient LEDs and indicators. Each tractor trolley in this series is equipped with a three module braking system made up of a brake engine recovery, automatic brake (activated when the vehicle is stopped) and a regenerative braking system. They also feature an ergonomic, adjustable backrest for the operator's comfort.