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Low lift pallet trucks - Practical and convenient.

Low lift pallet trucks

Practical and convenient.

The compact electric low lift pallet trucks from STILL get your horizontal load transport moving. Even in tightest spaces they convince by precise manoeuvring. Whether you are looking for a pedestrian low lift pallet truck or require a stand-on platform or a cabin to cover long driving distances: STILL offers a perfect model for any application. To not only move goods, but to order pick in healthy working conditions there are models with variable working heights that can be adapted to as much as 760 mm.

All series convince with the intuitive arrangement of the controls. This way, you can fully concentrate on moving up to 2.5 tons of load, instead of caring about the pallet truck. In addition, there are many features that are only available from STILL like the innovative OPTISPEED tiller or the modern STILL lithium-ion technology.

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What is important to you? The right vehicle for your application
Li-Ion battery
Degree of automation
Classic Line STILL Classic Line trucks are ideally suited for light-duty operations in single-shift operation. The Classic Line trucks have standardised equipment and are quickly available.
Xcellence Line STILL Xcellence Line trucks are ideal for all applications, especially in multi-shift operations. The Xcellence Line trucks are configured individually according to your requirements and integrated precisely into your intralogistics processes.
'Basic Truck Application Hardness Operational Area Special / Attachment
E Electric Pallet Truck
F Flexible Drive Truck
S Stand-On Rider Truck
C Classic Line
X Xcellence Line
H/U Horizontal Transport
P Pallet Pick-up Flexible
SF Stand-On Platform Foldable
S Stand-On Rider Truck
H Ergonomic Lift Help

STILL low lift pallet trucks - the way to go for horizontal transport

The low lift pallet truck is a standard solution for delivery and horizontal transport of goods in retail outlets. It is also recommended for industry and warehousing - often as an addition to the fleet and to support the operator. Compact variants with load capacities ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 tons perform well in typical applications with standard pallets. However, higher lift capacities are available for the brewery and beverage industries, as well as longer forks for handling several pallets or crates at once. A low lift pallet truck can be used not only for horizontal transport, but also for picking and placing goods. Particularly well suited to this type of task are models with a greater working height, allowing the forks to be raised by several dozen centimetres. This solution improves the comfort of pickers and stocking managers who use lift trucks in their work. Importantly for ease of implementation, the models that do not lift the load over 30 cm do not require any additional authorisations. In light of the regulation on occupational safety and health in the use of powered forklifts (in force since 10.08.2018), it is sufficient for the person operating them to have a standard category B driver's license and undergo an introductory training session implemented by the employer. In addition to the most common drawbar lifts seen in stores, STILL also offers low lift pallet trucks with a folding platform or fixed driver's seat, which are popular for horizontal transport over longer distances.

The low lift pallet truck with a drawbar - just right for small spaces

Designed for pedestrian drawbar operation, low lift pallet trucks come in several load capacity categories. Extremely compact models up to 0.5 tons allow efficient manoeuvring in confined spaces and can be used by couriers and suppliers to unload and transport goods. Slightly larger but still very manoeuvrable low lift pallet trucks for loads up to 1.2 - 1.5 tons are ideal for transporting pallets on mezzanines, in goods elevators and under semi-trailers. An example of this type of solution is the STILL ECH 15, equipped with a lithium-ion battery and a built-in charger. Combined with a battery status display for the operator and an energy management system, these enhancements enable optimal planning and efficient charging, ensuring maximum vehicle availability during a shift. The range is rounded off by special-purpose loft lift pallet trucks, with load capacities ranging from 1.6 to 3 tons. These vehciles feature extended forks for handling two pallets at the same time, the ability to lift the forks several centimetres, and a folding pneumatic platform for the operator. With a wide range of solutions and optional equipment, the stacker truck can be optimally adapted to the specific needs of the company. Picking, racking, alternating horizontal transport for short and long distances - STILL's range of low lift pallet trucks with drawbar offers the ideal solution for each of these tasks. All of the vehicles are suitable for both left and right-handed operators and are extremely safe thanks to the clever positioning of the belly switch.

For fast unloading - low lift pallet truck with platform/seat

Stacker trucks with fixed platforms, folding seats or compact cabs feature load speeds independant of the operator's walking pace, allowing them to reach speeds of up to 20 kilometres per hour. They are also equipped with safety systems such as Curve Speed Control to ensure stability when cornering. A stacker truck with a platform for the operator is also worth a look; EXH-S 20-25. A load capacity of up to 2.5 tons allows use in most typical applications. It's speed of up to 14 kilometres per hour and the comfortable STILL Easy Drive steering wheel ensure good load handling speed. Models with lithium-ion batteries replenish 50% of the battery capacity in just half an hour. Together with an optional built-in charger and a reliable, maintenance-free drive, this ensures that the lift truck is ready to go whenever you need it. For operator safety, the EXH-S features Curve Speed Control, which automatically reduces speed when cornering. It is also available with a sensor that detects if the operator's feet are within the contour of the platform. Lift trucks like this one show that high handling performance can go hand in hand with outstanding ergonomics and meticulous attention to health and safety.


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