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Racking Systems Pallet Rack

As variable as your requirements

  • Comfortable access to all articles
  • Easy stock level monitoring
  • Optimum adaptability to the warehouse space as well as to weight and dimensions of the goods
  • Flexible and cost-efficient storage of different load carriers in a single type of rack
  • Allows to pick orders directly

You want to store different types of goods on pallets in your warehouse? In that case you should make sure to look at the STILL pallet racks. With direct access to each individual pallet and the high safety standards, STILL pallet racks are the best possible solution for variably warehouse requirements. Thanks to its high flexibility this rack type can be configured very individually.

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Typical applications of the pallet rack

The STILL pallet racks meet a broad range of different warehouse requirements, for example, Wide aisle racking or Narrow aisle racking / high bay warehouse.

Wide aisle warehouse

The standard solution for pallet storage in the warehouse is a warehouse with wide aisles. The operation of the racks is usually carried out by counter balanced trucks, reach trucks or order pickers. The lower levels can be easily operated by hand pallet trucks or electric high lift trucks.

  • Cost-efficient storage
  • Easy operation of the racks with conventional industrial trucks
  • Manual order picking on floor level
Narrow aisle warehouse
Wide aisle warehouse

Narrow aisle warehouse/high bay warehouse

Racks with narrow aisles allow a high utilisation of warehouse space. The operation of the racks is usually carried out by manually operated VNA trucks/order pickers that can be deployed for order picking as well as to store and retrieve complete load carriers. Due to the large lift heights, the high bay warehouses can be operated by industrial trucks.

  • Good usage of the available floor space and warehouse height
  • Ideal for large numbers of articles and medium to high turnover
  • No relocation of goods for order picking

Pallet racks – design

A pallet rack consists of a rack frame and cross beam. The rack frame is securely fixed to the floor with floor anchors. The cross beams are hooked into the rack frame. Depending on the load weight, different profiles and material thicknesses are deployed.

Of course, the design of the STILL pallet rack meets the requirements of regionally applicable standards and safety regulations.

A range of optional accessories guarantees individual safety and optimum flexibility. Buffer and push-through protection guarantee high safety in everyday use. Different shelving options allow a more flexible use of the STILL pallet rack.

Pallet racks – design

Pallet racks – components

Support frame

Support frame

The support frame consists of two supports that are connected with horizontal and diagonal beams. The frames are bolted. To optimise transport costs, the frames are assembled on-site.

Distance pieces

Distance pieces

Distance pieces connect two racks at a given distance. If the racks are fitted with a sprinkler system, the distance pieces are also used to mount the sprinkler pipes.

The distance between racks is specified by regional standards and regulations, for example, by the industrial safety authority in Germany. For euro pallets without load overhang, the default distance is 200 mm. If sprinkler pipes are installed or in case of load overhangs, the distance can be adjusted.

Cross beams

Cross beams are usually box-type profiles with a hook welded to each end. The hook is used to attach the girder to the frame. Two cross beams (pair) connect two frames making up a shelf in the rack. On the cross beams pairs the pallets are stored. These can be hooked individually at the desired height in the support frame.

Cross beams

Pallet racks – main accessories

Shelf floor

To make more flexible use of the rack, we offer a number of different shelf floors. All versions are available as place-on or fit-in solutions. Chip boards, for example, are available in thicknesses of up to 38 mm. Depending on the load situation, mesh grid shelves can be deployed in the same way as grid floors. We are happy to assist you in choosing the ideal option for your application.

Rack protection

A number of different solutions is available to protect the rack against possible damages. One type of solution is used inside the aisles, the other type is used to protect the end face of the rack.

Rack protection

Protecting the supports at the end face

A corner guard guarantees the minimum required protection of the supports. In accordance with the German regulation BGR 234, the corner guard must be at least 300 mm high and must be fixed to the floor independently from the rack.

The collision guard, which protects the complete rack stand, is an alternative to the corner guard. It is mounted across the whole face end. Various versions are available – the central part can be made of wood or steel. STILL generally deploys steel, because this material is more resilient. The advantage of wood is that it is easy to replace in case of damage.