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Assembly Conditions


For the calculation of your offer we have based the following assumptions. In order to ensure a smooth project process, we would like to ask you to read the following assumptions thoroughly and to inform us of any deviations in order to agree this together in writing. Any deviations that may be known later can lead to delays and more effort.

1. Information on the approval requirement for racking systems

Please, note that additional services-such as government regulations, verifiable statics, etc. are not part of our offer, if not explicitly mentioned. The fire protection of the racking systems according to fire protection and/or building expertise and insurance must be ensured by the operator of the installation.

Prior to placing the order, the customer must obtain the necessary permits from the competent (construction) authorities. They are not owed by the contractor. The conditions or changes caused by the authorization are announced to the contractor after notification by the client and then recalculated by the contractor. Changes that are known after the order has been issued, as well as any delays caused by it, shall be customer responsibility.

2. Floor 

The compressive strength of the concrete floor must be sufficient for the stresses described in this offer. The base plate can support the point loads through the shelf, according to the load requirements of the customer. The concrete corresponds to at least C20/25 according to DIN en 209-1/din 1045-2. The customer shall be entitled to provide a supporting capacity.

The base plate should have a depth of at least 20 cm. The upper layer of the floor (15 cm measured from above to the depth) must not contain iron reinforcement with diameter > 6 mm. Piping of any kind, underfloor heating and iron reinforcements with diameter > 6 mm must be inserted deeper than 15 cm. The ground quality has to allow doweling up to at least 110 mm depth with spreading anchors. For reinforcement diameters > 6 mm An increased drill wear is to be expected, which is charged separately for evidence.

The floor must conform to the dimensional accuracy according to DIN 18202, table 3, row 3 (surface-finished floors).

Distance of measuring points (m)0,1141015
Flatness tolerance (mm)24101215

The compensation of unevenness is calculated on the basis of hourly proof, as well as additional required compensation material according to actual consumption.

Special features deviating from the aforementioned standard (magnesite, armouring, expansion, etc.) must be communicated to us unsolicited, as these require special measures.

A floor made of asphalt or concrete slabs is not suitable for the installation of pallet racking. These soils are not load-distributing effect and the uneven units allow no standard just installation of the rack system. In these cases the establishment of shelves is on strip footings of concrete.

3.Load specifications

The load values of the racks are based on a system analysis. Storage facilities are dimensioned so that the specified loads can safely be taken. This is to differentiate specialist and field loads. The load capacity is the sum of uniformly distributed loads on a traverse plane. The field load is the sum of compartment loads in a field.

Deviating conditions such as point loads, eccentric load discharges and shock-like displacement of goods must be communicated unsolicited in order to be considered separately for the design of the racks. Deformed or even damaged rack parts must be replaced in accordance with the requirements of en 15635, as this leads to reductions in load-bearing capacity.

Special stress situations

If the shelves are placed in seismic areas or outdoors, the owner/operator has to announce this so that the racking system can be designed to meet the requirements of earthquake, wind and snow loads.

4. Material transfer

All entrances are secured and can with a 36 to. TRUCK (18 metres) are used. A lateral unloading of the trucks in the Hall is possible. The material (max. length frame height) should be at ground level with a forklift to transport to the installation site. The paths between discharge and place of installation must be free. The discharge and the insertion is done on site. Both can be performed against payment by us.

5. Material Storage

For the duration of the installation, a sufficient storage area must be available for the material within the enclosed hall in the immediate vicinity of the Assembly site. Damage resulting from improper storage will not be replaced.

6.Location requirements

The installation takes place at ground level in a closed room at normal ambient temperature of > 5 ° C. The mounting area is cleared and swept. Sufficient lighting, as well as electricity, electrical supply lines (1 x 380V with 32 A and 2 x 230 V with 16a) and water are available also can be used at no cost to us. Water and social spaces are available for us and can also be used at no cost. If necessary, lockable space for tools available. Required Forklifts (1.5 to load capacity and lifting height = height) as well as required lifting (lifting height = height) will be placed on the road for us. In the case of organization by us, a separate calculation is made according to expenditure. The normal working hours are from Monday to Friday 08:00 to 18:00 a.m. The packaging material is disposed of on the side. Delivery and assembly services are included in the liability insurance of the operator from the date of delivery.

In individual cases may occur at the installation site to spark flight through welding or cutting operations. Please give us an unsolicited response if there are grounds for the installation.

The above scope of supply is mounted during Assembly. Travel costs and expenses for the Assembly personnel of the rack system are included in the price. Any deviations shall require a separate agreement and written communication. For mounting, STILL is entitled to entrust third company carrying out the installation work. Following activities incurred during installation:

  • Measuring instruments
  • Screwing the rack
  • Erecting rack-system 
  • Anchoring the system with the ground floor

7. Acceptance 

The delivery/commissioning of the above delivery and scope of performance, the order is fulfilled. The transfer readiness is reported to the client. Delivery/commissioning must be carried out 2 weeks after notification of readiness for delivery. Should this period for reasons that are not represented by the STILL GmbH, be exceeded or the rack system before handover be used, the system is considered to be free of defects passed. The transfer may be refused only if there is a substantial violation, which significantly restricts the operation of the plant.

8. Warranty

From the time of acceptance or beginning of operation of the rack system, we assume a warranty of 24 months. During this period, material or assembly defects will be rectified at our expense. We take no responsibility for damage caused by misuse or third parties. Working during the warranty will be performed during the normal labour time.