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Racking Systems Mezzanine

Optimum storage on every level

  • Cost-efficient creation of additional storage and floor space
  • Load capacities from 250 kg/m² to 2 000 kg/m²
  • Can be built to any dimension and height
  • Single- or multi-level design versions available
  • Adaptable to any condition

You want to make more efficient use of your warehouse height? That is exactly what STILL Mezzanines allow you to do. Be it additional storage levels, work or production areas - the uses are versatile. Mezzanine systems are self-supporting, walk-on and partly drive-on steel constructions. They provide an intelligent means to multiply the available warehouse space. The number of possible design variations is virtually unlimited. Depending on your specific requirements, we offer different load capacities and floor coverings.

Mezzanine design

Mezzanines are free-standing steel constructions. Depending on the requirements, the construction can be adapted to different heights and load capacities. It is also possible to disassemble and reassemble the constructions without any particular requirements.

Platform design

Mezzanines – parts and components


The supports are the pillars the whole construction rests on. Type and design of the supports depend on the height, the needed robustness and the distance between the supports. The most economical solution is usually a distance of 4 to 8 metres between the pillars.

Main beams

Together with the supports, the main beams form the mezzanine frame. Type and design of the supports depend on the needed robustness and the distance between the supports. (structure gauge).

Platforms – parts and components - purlins

Vertical and horizontal cross beams

The cross beams stabilise the mezzanine system. A special construction without cross beams is available to allow vehicles to pass under the platform.

Mezzanines – floor covering

We offer different types of floor coverings – depending on the load and the desired anti-slip effect. Chip boards are often used as standard. Other coverings such as chequered plates (corrugated sheet metal) or textured coated boards are also possible.


The railings are fully made of steel ensuring the required safety levels in the warehouse.

Transfer station secured by chain

The transfer station is used to stack or destack pallets. To secure the transfer station against dropping over the edge, it is built to the applicable regional requirements and secured with a detachable chain. (In accordance with the requirements of BGR 234, applicable for Germany, the minimum depth is 800 mm)

Mezzanines – main accessories

Safety lock

The safety lock is an alternative to the transfer station and is opened and closed manually. Independent of the lock position, the operator on the platform cannot step over the edge of the platform. The safety lock is particularly recommendable if the safety requirements are very high.

Buying Mezzanines

A warehouse planned for efficiency guarantees high economic feasibility. Benefit from the professional consultation with our STILL experts right from the start of warehouse planning. Before you make a buying decision, we assist you in every aspect – from checking your warehouse design to discussing the planned workflows. There are many reasons why you should decide for STILL when buying a mezzanine:

Many years of expertise: Close to our customers for more than 95 years.

Partnership that you can rely on.

Holistic premium concept – from consultation to service.

Always close to you: 14 branches, 37 rental branches & 800 service technicians in Germany alone.

A trained installation team ensures proper assembly of your mezzanine.