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Tugger trains

Efficient production supply with tugger trains

Tugger train systems stand for lean processes, efficient material flow, precise timing and traffic-calming intralogistics. They consist of a towing vehicle, trailers (tugger frames) and trolleys (load carriers).

STILL tugger frames have a patented transport and removal system and therefore offer the greatest possible flexibility, unique operating comfort and the lowest rolling resistance in the industry.

With STILL's reliable electric tugs, STILL tugger trains form an innovative total solution for lean production supply.

  • Save money - Efficient, energy-saving transports with less warehouse traffic
  • Increase safety - Best driving characteristics and automatic securing
  • Maximum flexibility - Wide range of possible combinations of frames and trolleys
  • Ergonomic operation - Patented transport and removal system

Systematic tug-of-war advice - the ball is in your court!

  • Recording the actual state
  • Possible combinations of route elements
  • Possible applications of tugger trains on site
  • Material flow concept with tugger trains
  • Optional: Testing of automation stages,
    Project implementation

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Our offer for the use of tugger trains

With the patented LiftRunner system, STILL offers the best tugger train for your industry. Our experts will support you from the initial consultation on the introduction to automated material transport using tugger trains.

STILL Liftrunner tugger frame

The STILL Liftrunner system is the best tugger in the industry. The system impresses with the patented trolley transport and removal principle, the highest operating comfort and the lowest rolling resistance.

Consulting on tugger trains

A tugger train not only requires a towing vehicle and trailer. Discuss the details with us.

Automated tugger trains

The tugger train solution maps all stations of the goods flow fully automatically - from loading to the unloading station.

Individual tugger trains

The STILL LiftRunner® system is optimally prepared for every case and can be adapted to your specific needs.

BaseRunner & RackRunner trailer system

This dynamic duo ensures optimum goods transport: the STILL BaseRunner effortlessly transports large load carriers safely through the hall, while the STILL RackRunner makes it child's play to move small load carriers and boxes of all kinds.

Our trolleys

Trolleys are the actual goods carriers. They are independent, mobile elements that are held by the frames.

STILL LiftRunner® tugger system

The STILL LiftRunner® tugger system is the ideal system for in-plant material handling. It combines the patented transport and removal system for trolleys (rolling frames) with unique operating convenience and the lowest rolling resistance in the industry. From the towing vehicles to the frames (trailers) to the trolleys, all components can be freely combined. This allows you to configure the most suitable tugger train for your individual application.


Routing Introduction and Automation

Comprehensive topics on route train introduction and route train automation. Our experts have compiled all the relevant information for you: Advantages, areas of application, introduction process, functionality and much more. For your individual application, our tugger experts are available to advise you.

Consulting on tugger trains

Our expert advisors are available to answer your questions.

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Route trains in practice

Tugger trains in intralogistics

Tugger trains are an integral part of modern intralogistics. They are irreplaceable helpers in lean production - they enable intralogistics processes to be designed with a high level of efficiency. Tugger train solutions from STILL set efficiency standards. They enable lean production supply. Benefit from reliable and precise delivery frequencies in your production facilities.

Every tugger train is a customised solution, i.e. our tugger train solutions are as individual as our customers' warehouse worlds. Their common denominator: you reduce your internal traffic volume, which saves you money and increases safety. Together, we develop a concept that perfectly fits the requirements of your production supply and meets the highest demands. If you wish, we can even automate individual process steps or the entire route. In addition, we offer innovative towing vehicles based on over 70 years of experience in the field of electric tractors. Rely on a solution that is innovative, customised and cost-efficient.

Expertise and experience are essential factors for the success of your tugger train project - whether manual or automated.
For the sustainable development of production logistics in the company, you need a holistic view and a strong network of expertise. That's why STILL is your ideal partner for tugger train solutions and tugger train automation.