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Electric Forklift Trucks - The right solution for any application

Electric Forklift Trucks

The right solution for any application.

Insist in the best: The STILL electric forklift trucks base on nearly 100 years of expertise in electrics. Benefit from innovations that coin the industry, emission free propulsion and performance that is at eye level with diesel trucks - at substantially lower maintenance costs.

Whether you decide to use modern lithium-ion technology or conventional lead-acid batteries: STILL electric trucks always stand out with long operation times, enormous reliability and individually adjustable driving characteristics. RX 20, RX 50 and RX 60 ‑ the electric forklift truck series from STILL are the most efficient and cleanest way to move loads weighing up to eight tons. And they all have one thing in common: They set the standards.

Everything. Except Emission.

The new electric truck RX 60-35/50

Basic Truck Application Type Operational Area
R Counterbalanced Rider Truck
X X-cellence Application
50 24 V Indoor/Outdoor Electric Transport
20 48 V Indoor/Outdoor Electric Transport
60 80 V Indoor/Outdoor Electric Transport


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STILL electric forklift trucks - champions in every category

STILL electric forklifts are versatile, efficient and environmentally friendly. STILL offers forklifts with rated load capacities from 1 to 8 tons. Thanks to innovative technologies, they achieve load handling performance on a par with diesel engine solutions without generating CO2 or other greenhouse gases. STILL's emission-free electric counterbalanced forklifts are recognised in major industry competitions as the most environmentally friendly intralogistics vehicle, giving you piece of mind for the future. The prestigious IFOY award was presented to the RX 20 with a load capacity of up to 2 tonnes, the efficient RX 60-25/35 in the weight category from 2.5 to 3.5 tons, and the electric forklift RX 60-60/80 which allows the efficient transport of pallets weighing up to 8 tons.

RX 20 electric forklift truck - the lightweight champion

The STILL RX 20 series of electric counterbalanced forklifts has been awarded the 2018 IFOY award. The jury justified the choice by stating: "The stroller is incredibly quiet and pleasant to drive. It offers good visibility in all directions and - for such a compact vehicle - offers the operator a surprising amount of space. With its perfect combination of energy efficiency and productivity, the RX 20 sets new standards in the segment of counterbalanced forklifts up to 2.5 tons". This verdict was confirmed by independent tests carried out by F+H and reported by Logistics Inside, among other sites. The tests involved a three-wheeler with a 938 Ah lithium-ion battery and a load capacity of up to 1.6 tons. It showed that, compared to the average values for electric forklifts in this load class: The practical operating time of the RX 20 is 80% to 133% longer, the energy consumption per 100 pallets is 29% to 38% percent lower, and the number of pallets handled in a shift - up to 430 - is 4% to 15% higher than average. "We were impressed with the character of the RX 20," writes the F+H article. "During our tests, the forklift responded to operator commands faster than any machine we have tested so far - both in terms of driving, acceleration and work functions. The STILL RX 20 electric forklift has therefore earned the nickname "electrifying" for good reason."

Electric forklift truck RX 60-25/35 - lifting champion up to 3.5 t

Two years later, the "Logistics Oscar" went to the STILL RX 60-25/35 series; electric forklifts in the 2.5 to 3.5 ton capacity category. The jury were most impressed by their potential for promoting a carbon-free economy. In a productivity test examining the combined performance of acceleration, travel and vertical displacement, the vehicle set a new record in this class, carrying 363 pallets in 8 hours. In this respect, the STILL RX 60-25/35 electric forklift compares favourably to not only other battery-powered vehicles, but also with diesel vehicles. According to independent tests carried out by F+H magazine, the handling performance of the RX 60's high-performance version is 9% higher than that of the leading diesel-powered vehicles. This particular electric forklift was honoured with the IFOY 2020 award and Henry Puhl, member of the Board of Management of STILL GmbH, commented: "The development of the RX 60-25/35 involved a great deal of R&D and integration of know-how. The result is a truck that stands out in all comparisons due to its outstanding performance and its potential to outperform combustion engine vehicles. I am delighted that the international jury of the IFOY 2020 has decided to recognize our work with this award."

Electric forklift STILL RX 60-60/80 - the electric powerhouse

STILL's range of electric forklifts, manufactured since 2014, also includes models with load capacities from 6 to 8 tons. With regards to the 2015 IFOY award-winning STILL RX 60-60/80, the competition jury said: "The STILL RX 60-80, with a lifting capacity of 8 tons, is strong and stable and drives as well as vehicles carrying 4-5 tonne loads. With this machine, STILL is proving that electric drive has become a valid and recommendable alternative for companies handling heavy loads. Thanks to its high performance, precise operation and excellent ergonomics, the electric forklift RX 60-80, known as the "eco forklift", is ideal for heavy industry, the beverage industry, or wherever the heaviest pallets are handled.