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Exhibitions and customer days

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Show only dates in this country:
27.06.-30.06.2023 automatica 2023 München
29.06.2023 Logtech Festival Edelfettwerk Hamburg
10.10.-13.10.2023 VITEFF Épernay
21.11.–23.11.2023 Prod&Pack Lyon
28.11.–30.11.2023 SITEVI Montpellier

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Have you missed a STILL event? Check out our exclusive recordings of past webinars and digital product demonstrations.

Meet the Experts

STILL Meet the Experts

Digital fleet management - STILL neXXt fleet

Our experts present the following use cases:

  • Overview of the service costs of my fleet
  • Overview of the most expensive trucks in my fleet
  • Coordination of service rule appointments
  • Coordination of FEM inspections

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Webinar Energiesysteme

STILL Webinar

Energy systems for cost-effective and sustainable intralogistics

  • structured assessment criteria for the selection of the optimum energy system for your applications
  • comprehensive answers to all questions relating to requirements and use of the technologies
  • a high level of specialist expertise from intralogistics and energy experts, who will explain the advantages and disadvantages clearly based on practical use
  • practical tips about smart charge management

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Webinar Warehouse Safety

Safe operation of industrial trucks in the warehouse

  • A structured overview showing risks and hazards in the warehouse when working with industrial trucks
  • A clear overview of solutions that help to prevent accidents and avoid harm to people and infrastructure in safety-sensitive areas
  • Professional exchange with experts from a practical background

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Webinar Production Logistics

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) in Production Logistics

  • exciting presentations with concise hands on explanations of the benefits of each solution
  • comprehensive answers to all questions about prerequisites and implementation
  • the expertise of our experienced intralogistics and automation experts
  • structured evaluation criteria to select your best choice

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Webinar Automation

Process automation with automated serial trucks (AGV's)

  • a structured navigation through the jungle of industry 4.0
  • comprehensive answers to all questions about process automation with automated series trucks (AGV's - Automated Guided Vehicles)
  • high professional competence of experienced intralogistics consultants and automation specialists
  • practical, comprehensible and transparent information

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Exhibitions and digital Events


STILL at Logistic Summit 2022

Thesen am Tresen – the STILL Logistics Talk 2022

  • the STILL Logistics Talk was guest at the Logistics Summit 2022
  • two talks revolving around the changing times in intralogistics

STILL at LogiMAT 2022

Intralogistics at first hand

Live presentations by our experts from LogiMAT 2022

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International Supply Chain Conference 2021

Thesen am Tresen - The STILL Logistics Talk

Panel discussions live from the Congress
dated October 20 - October 22, 2021

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STILL Talk at the Logistic Summit - The new logistics trade fair

STILL talk live from the event

  • The Logistics Summit is the new exhibition and convention for digitalization and innovation in the logistics sector.
  • STILL was attending 2021 with an exciting presentation and insights on automation.

Digital Product Launch: RX 60-35/50

Everything. Except Emissions.

  • Find out why smart energy management is becoming the determining factor in an economically successful logistics strategy, whether lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries.
  • Find out why the new RX 60-35/50 can do everything - except emissions. Whether handling performance, ergonomics, safety or availability.

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