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Racking Systems STILL pallet shuttle rack

Automatic storage made easy

  • Maximum use of storage volume
  • Time-saving due to simultaneous use of shuttles and industrial trucks and semi-automatic storage and retrieval
  • Higher flexibility compared to conventional compact storage systems such as drive-in racks: Several rack levels can be loaded.
  • Higher turnover performance: Semi-automatic storage and retrieval: LiFo (Last-in-First-out) and FiFo (First-in-First-out) possible
  • Careful transport of loads

You expect maximum warehouse and space utilisation with high handling speeds from your warehouse? Then you should take a close look at the shuttle racks from STILL. To enable you to make best use of your space, we offer you a perfect combination of a high-density STILL pallet shuttle rack and our smart pallet shuttle.

The high-density shuttle storage system allows semi-automatic storage and retrieval of load carriers. A pallet shuttle moves the load down the channel and stores the pallet in the rack. The system allows independent loading of several channels.

Remember: Time and storage space are valuable. Optimise the utilisation of existing space with a shuttle storage system, even if you need to store a variety of products.

Truck and shuttle work together hand in hand. The principle is as easy as it is efficient. The truck drops the load at the entry of the channel. The load is then picked up by the shuttle and is automatically moved to the end of the channel or the next available storage space. The pallets are carefully placed on the support rails and the shuttle returns to the entrance of the channel to pick up the next pallet. Convenient: The shuttle automatically detects the end of a channel.

With a pallet shuttle you save considerable time and increase safety in the warehouse: The truck does not have to drive inside the rack and the transported goods are handled very carefully compared to block storage. By standard, the STILL pallet shuttles are equipped with a mobile pedestrian protection system to guarantee safe operation.

Design of the STILL pallet shuttle rack

The STILL pallet shuttle rack is virtually identical with a drive-in rack. With the difference that the trucks do not move into the rack and that each level is individually accessible. Pallets are stored directly at the rack face and moved inside the rack with a pallet shuttle.

Pallet shuttle racks – components

Rack support

The rack supports are elementary components of the rack and are made of special steel profiles with different thicknesses depending on the expected load weight inside the channel. Two supports are bolted to the profiles to form a support. The rack supports are securely bolted to the floor.

Pallet shuttle racks – components - longitudinal beam

Support rail

The support rails in the shuttle rack are attached with mounts on the support and fulfil two functions: they support the pallets and the shuttle beneath the pallets also moves along the rail. In each channel, the mounting height can be individually varied in steps of 50 mm. As the rails are simply hooked into the supports for each channel, it is very easy to modify the system if required.

Pallet shuttle racks – components - wheel stop

Pallet shuttle

The task of the shuttle is to semi-automatically store and retrieve the pallets from the rack. The dimensions of the used shuttle must correspond to the dimensions of the moved load. We provide you with solutions for Euro-pallets, industrial pallets and selected types of chemistry pallets. The transport speed of the shuttles is 0,9 to 1,1 m/s. The shuttles are not only agile, but also extremely strong. With a maximum load capacity of 1 500 kg they also store heavy load carriers fast and safe. Talking about safety: to ensure a safe operation, the pallet must not bend by more than 10 cm at its centre. High safety levels are guaranteed by the personal protection scanner which is fitted to every shuttle by standard.

Pallet shuttle racks – components - pallet centring

Recovery platform

The recovery platform is used to safely recover a shuttle or load from the rack. The recovery platform is operated manually. It allows recovery teams to move down the channel to approach a broken-down shuttle. The broken-down shuttle can be towed out of the channel with a hook.

Pallet shuttle racks – components - recovery platform
Pallet shuttle racks – components - side reach guard

Side reach guard

Side reach guards are mounted on the side of the rack to prevent access over the side during operation. This prevents accidents.

Buying pallet shuttle systems

A warehouse planned for efficiency guarantees high economic feasibility. Benefit from the professional consultation with our STILL experts right from the start of warehouse planning. Before you make a buying decision, we assist you in every aspect – from checking your warehouse design to discussing the planned workflows. There are many reasons why you should decide for STILL when buying a pallet shuttle rack:

  • Many years of expertise: Close to our customers for more than 95 years.
  • Partnership that you can rely on.
  • Holistic premium concept – from consultation to service.
  • Always close to you: 14 branches, 37 rental branches & 800 service technicians in Germany alone.
  • A trained installation team ensures proper assembly of your pallet shuttle rack.
  • Data Sheet STILL Pallet Shuttle PDF, 1 MB Download