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The perfectly harmonised power system

Premium electromobility from STILL

STILL has always been a pioneer in electromobility. Our electric trucks convince the market and the STILL Li-Ion technology underpins our claim.

STILL Li-Ion technology offers you an optimally harmonised overall solution including the truck, the Li-Ion battery and the charger. Our premium philosophy guarantees full satisfaction and top quality.

With STILL Li-Ion technology an upgrade of 30% better energy utilisation can be achieved. This not only protects the environment but also significantly reduces the company's energy costs.

  • Reduce operating costs

  • Increase truck availability

  • Always use the full performance

  • Increase industrial safety

* Note: The STILL Best Technology Fit Promise only applies to our 48V / 80V batteries which have been in use for a maximum of 6 months after a demonstration. This offer is not valid for dealers and key accounts.

Take the future in your hands now

We figure out the optimal energy system for your application. If you are not satisfied, we take the Li-Ion battery back.

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STILL Li-Ion-Technology in 3 minutes

Learn the advantages of Li-Ion technology on video

Benefits of the Li-Ion battery

No battery change required

Opportunity charging and short charging cycles

More performance at lower energy consumption

Maintenance-free batteries

Safe, local charging at the place of work

Twice the service life

Comparing battery types

Charging cycles 2.500 - 4.000 Full charging cycles 1.200 - 1.300 Charging cycles
Efficiency range high medium
Battery discharge up to 95% up to 80%
Full performance full operation time decreasing from 50% on
Maintenance costs maintenance-free high maintenance
Training needs low medium

STILL Li-Ion technology