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Once an idea, now the standard

STILL LiftRunner – the best tugger train in the industry

Once an idea, now the standard

Our vision: work must flow seamlessly, without detours, downtime or waste. LiftRunner® turns this vision into a reality.

It has many impressive advantages that set it apart from comparable products made by other manufacturers. It can also be systematically adapted to meet individual requirements and can of course be automated.

What does the STILL LiftRunner have that others don't?

The patented transport and removal system for all types of trolleys comes out on top with its flexibility, unique user convenience and the lowest roller resistance in the industry. Only the STILL LiftRunner® has an integrated automatic lifting function that works via a central axle. The advantages:

  • only an axle can ensure small turning radii and good directional stability as the axles of the train do not need to be steered
  • trolley is separated from the floor
  • reduced drive noise
  • reduced wear
  • reduced maintenance requirements

The modular structure of the LiftRunner® system enables different-sized trailers to be integrated easily into an existing tugger train. This could be an E, B or C-Frame – all frame types are compatible with one another and can bring their own advantages to your production processes.

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Customer-specific adjustment of the tugger train

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