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IFOY Award 2024

STILL EXV iGo – the smart door opener into the world of automation

Every kilowatt hour matters.

STILL Smart Energy Solutions.

iGo – automation

We drive automated vehicles

Just what you need.

The Classic Line from STILL.

STILL is a leading supplier of
intelligent solutions for intralogistics


For nearly 100 years, we have been experts for the industries and together with our customers we develop customized intralogistics solutions.

Experts, authoritiers, pioneers

Theoretically, there are many solutions. But only one will fit you best.


The Company

STILL provides customized solutions for intralogistics worldwide.

STILL implements the intelligent management of material handling equipment, software and services.

The Brand STILL

STILL is an established premium brand, leading in innovation and a reliable partner. STILL is a team and an excellent employer.

STILL has a 100 year long history of providing high quality warehouse management equipment including world leading ​forklift trucks,​ ​Low Lift Pallet Trucks​ and ​VNA Trucks​.

In addition to new vehicles, STILL Germany offers professionally reconditioned used forklifts and the rental of forklifts and for you as a customer maximum flexibility for every area of ​​application.

Our branches throughout Germany are available to you on site, with forklift training, tire service and rental forklifts.

Our intralogistics systems and shelf solutions help you to increase the maximum efficiency of your warehouse. As a full-range supplier, STILL offers you a comprehensive product portfolio, from static rack systems or mezzanines to dynamic rack systems such as movable shelves.

The key to STILL’s success is highly efficient products, stretching from complete solutions for specific industries, for large and small operations, right up to computerised logistics programs for effective warehouse and m​aterial flow management​.