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Full protection in extreme conditions

Explosionproof solutions


Optimal handling combined with the highest safety levels

The presence of flammable gases, vapors, mists and dusts in production plants and warehouses carries the risk of combustion and explosion. Managers of industrial facilities in which such conditions exist have to find intralogistics solutions that not only are efficient and ergonomic, but also comprehensively protected against the risk of explosion.
Numerous STILL forklift trucks are available with explosionproof equipment compliant with EU regulations (EN 1755) and the ATEX Directive (2014/34/EU). Counterbalanced trucks, reach trucks and pallet trucks – whichever are to be used in an environment carrying the heightened risk of an explosion – can be suited with STILL EX solutions. In the effect, STILL provides internal transport vehicles suited for all kinds of industrial facilities in which the risk of explosion is high.

High explosion risk industries

Factors increasing explosion risk






Chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

In the various chemical plants, all sorts of substances are decanted, mixed and refined. STILL forklift trucks with special equipment are up for the task. For example, the drum cradle provides safe and precise decanting of a liquid. An operator using a remote control can monitor the process from a safe location with a good view of the drum. The quantity of the substance is measured with an integrated scale.

Food and beverages

The process of distillation and storage of beverages kept in wooden barrels can result in secretion of flammable vapors. Moreover, such containers limit an operator’s view during the transport with a forklift truck. Luckily, STILL vehicles can be fitted for these and other potentially dangerous conditions met in food and beverage industry thanks to ATEX equipment, cameras, warning lines and Blue Safety Light.


Many production processes include the storage and transport of hazardous substances. Some of them are stored in-house, some in external warehouses managed by logistics service providers. STILL offers its clients numerous vehicles perfect for this job, such as: efficient electric counterbalanced trucks, reach trucks and narrow aisle trucks suitable for storage and retrieval in ATEX zones.

Oil and gas

Due to long distances to cross and harsh conditions to resist, counter- balanced forklift trucks are the most popular type of vehicles used for outdoors transport in oil and gas plants, refineries and petrochemical plants. Thanks to their robust design and ergonomics, ATEX versions of the trucks are ideally suited for these applications. They provide operators with fatigue- free working conditions and are able to transfer loads up to 8 tons.

Recycling and the military

Disposal and recycling processes are based on recurring decantation of hazardous substances, emptying of drums and transport of containers. The STILL RX series electric forklifts with ATEX certified attachments ensure safe and ergonomic operation in these areas. Barrel clamps and explosionproof trolleys provide both effective and safe disposal of contents of barrels and removal of ammunition.

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STILL Ex-proof solutions

Providing comprehensive protection compliant with EU regulations and ATEX directive

Efficient, individualized forklifts for ATEX zones

STILL Ex, explosionproof STILL forklift trucks, combine efficiency and safety in the potentially explosive areas. The vehicles are prepared in such a way that no sparks appear and no surfaces become hot. The electrical components can be securely encapsulated, forks can be protected from mechanical sparks with a brass coating and elements with electrostatic charge can be replaced.

STILL equips the EX vehicles accordingly to the clients’ needs and the level of the risk of an explosion. The changes made neither affect the user experience nor decrease the effectiveness of the trucks. The STILL Ex vehicles provide protection against explosion along with visibility, ergonomics, user-friendliness and efficiency at the top level for which STILL is known.

Low lift pallet trucks EXU converted for ATEX

Warehouse trucks are often used as basic equipment for transporting goods. Ex-proof versions make them irreplacable helpers in many situations.

High lift pallet trucks EXV converted for ATEX

If you work on limited space and need to store goods on higher levels, high lift pallet trucks are the perfect solution. Compact dimensions combined with high efficiency.