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From an intralogistics point of view, the motto today is: "The company with the best processes will be successful". Efficient intralogistics revolves around lean and flexible processes. When it comes to LEAN logistics, tugger trains are a central component.

The introduction of tugger train systems is a complex issue and essentially means a change in processes. At the beginning there is always the analysis phase to answer the relevant questions about the initial situation.


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Tugger train introduction

The transition from a conventionally operated production logistics process to modern internal material supply using a tugger train system is an essential step for the company and requires a competent partner.

That's why STILL is your ideal partner for implementing tugger trains:

  • Holistic system provider - from initial consultation to implementation
  • 20 years of experience in introducing tugger train systems
  • Inventor of the LiftRunner®: Best in the industry for 10 years
  • In-house production of tugger trains
  • Strong partner of DEMATIC for a fully automated flow of goods
Practice: University Medical Centre Mainz

Practice: University Medical Centre Mainz

LiftRunner tugger trains are optimising clinical shipments - 4,500 meals delivered on schedule

Company: More than 60 clinics and institutes, around 1,500 beds, treatment of 341,000 patients annually. 7,500 employees

Solution: The tugger trains are very versatile and can be used to ship meals, clean laundry, dirty laundry, clinical waste and recycling around the premises.

The material flows and shipments that occur at the over 60 clinics, institutes and facilities that make up the University Medical Centre include both regular shipments and special shipments. In order to optimise these processes two STILL LiftRunner tugger trains were brought in. Their daily rounds involve delivering meals and clean laundry to the clinics. Furthermore, the LiftRunners also take away the dirty laundry, clinical waste and recycling.

When it comes to catering, the two STILL LiftRunners help to deliver a wide variety of meals three times a day. Bernd Broszehl, Head of Central Services: “From 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM our tugger trains are constantly on the move. Up to 4,500 meals are delivered from the kitchen to 1,500 hospitalised patients each morning, noon and night.

LiftRunners are optimising shipping: “Their daily rounds include delivering clean laundry to the clinic's wards picking up dirty laundry from the clinic’s depots. We transport over nine tonnes of laundry to the laundromat,” explains Broszehl.

Uwe Schmitt, Team Leader Supply Management had this to add: “In tight corners the STILL tugger train maintains its pre-determined turning circle. This helps to prevent any electronic faults in the meal carts which can arise due to vibrations, wear and tear and damage to the trolley’s tyres. Moreover the tyre noise is not as loud as before.” The additional weather protection means that the LiftRunner is ideal for outside use.


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