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Why it is worth using tugger trains

The advantages of tugger train systems

Why it is worth using tugger trains

Since lean production was first introduced in Japan in the 1960s, tugger train systems have stood for lean processes, timed logistics and traffic-calmed intralogistics. In production, these towing trucks with transport routes ensure demand-based supply and disposal of materials in accordance with the milk-run principle.

As they are similar to public transport train systems, they are also called tugger trains or tractors. Companies across a range of industries, from automotive to the supply industry, are increasingly relying on tugger trains for internal transport.

Advantages of the tugger train at a glance

The transition from a conventionally operated production logistics process to modern internal material supply using a tugger train system comes with many advantages:

  • Traffic calming
  • Increased safety in warehouse traffic
  • Increase supply and process reliability
  • Increase production in the same production space
  • Production becomes more individual and product variety increases
  • Financial advantages
  • Ergonomic work