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Retail and wholesale

Intralogistics as a necessary competitive advantage

How do companies in the retail and wholesale sector stay competitive?

The retail and wholesale industry is facing numerous challenges that are impacting its business models and processes. These range from increasing digitalisation and the need to create a seamless omnichannel experience for customers to improving logistics and inventory management. To succeed, companies in the industry need to be flexible, innovative and focused on the needs and expectations of their customers.


Challenges in the retail sector:

  • Increased competition from online retailers and new technologies such as mobile shopping and self-checkout
  • Changes in customer behaviour, such as an increasing demand for personalised shopping experiences and faster delivery times
  • Skills shortages and high staff turnover
  • Rising rents and operating costs
  • Increasing demands on customer communication and customer service

Challenges in wholesale:

  • Price pressure from global competition and more complex supply chains associated with globalisation and the growth of e-commerce
  • Increased logistics and warehousing requirements
  • Changes in customer behaviour and rising expectations of service quality
  • Digitalisation and automation of processes
  • Regulatory requirements such as data protection and security regulations
  • The need to keep up with changing technological trends to remain competitive

The new intralogistics white paper from STILL

What influence do megatrends such as urbanisation, networking and ecology have on retail and wholesale? And which processes in the warehouse are affected by this? The STILL white paper examines the challenges and trends in the food, textile, electrical and furniture industries. It looks at automation, storage space, ergonomics, safety and sustainability as well as warehouse processes.

White paper Cover

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