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Introducing STILL PRIOrity Trucks!

Complete with the most popular equipment options, these trucks are available for immediate delivery.


The performance of your warehouse logistics is our top PRIOrity. We have combined the most requested equipment options in our new PRIO configuration. Our PRIO trucks are ready and waiting - your delivery will take place immediately after we receive your order!

Here are the benefits:

  • STILL warehouse trucks with the most popular equipment options
  • Available for immediate delivery
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Our STILL PRIO trucks

EXV 12
high lift pallet truck

  • Highest storage density due to high residual carrying capacity.
  • The STILL ‘OPTISPEED’ adapts speed to tiller angle for reliability.
  • Compact dimensions and ease of use boosts truck performance and high pallet turnover.
  • Includes external charger and battery.

Key data:

  • Rated capacity/load: 1.200kg
  • Service weight incl. battery: 935kg
  • Lift height: 4.386mm
  • Overall width: 800mm
  • Tyres: Polyurethan / tandem
  • Battery: 24V 2 PzS-B 200Ah
  • Equipment: incl. external battery charger