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Logistics Leader of the Year

Our tribute to the logistics leaders of tomorrow

Our world is constantly changing. People who set technologies in motion revolutionise the entire industry with their innovations - and become leaders in logistics. In addition to material support, innovators and inventors above all need inspiration and public recognition. This is where the Logistics Hall of Fame comes in with its "Logistics Leader of the Year" award. The award honours entrepreneurs whose ideas and work already show today that they will significantly shape the future of logistics. These logistics leaders are taking the logistics industry to a new level - and by sponsoring this award, we are lifting them to a higher level. STILL gives all visionaries the space to develop their ideas freely. And a stage on which to present their groundbreaking innovations to the world. #weliftyouup

Find out more about the Logistics Hall of Fame here.

STILL as sponsor

“STILL is the laudator and sponsor of the Logistics Leader of the Year Award 2023 of the Logistics Hall of Fame - in my opinion the most important innovation award for people in logistics". - Frank Müller.

We at STILL know from our own experience how important and valuable a pioneering spirit and a constant drive for progress are in making companies and entire industries successful and fit for the future.

Logistics Hall of Fame

Logistics Hall of Fame

"The Logistics Leader of the Year Award builds this bridge to the future by identifying and recognising the pioneers and trendsetters in logistics and giving them visibility beyond the industry. These outstanding individuals and their contribution to the development of the logistics industry are one of the most important pillars of the global economy.

That is why we have decided to sponsor this award, to send a strong signal in favour of the spirit of innovation and the courage to embrace change. Because the courage to change has never been more in demand than today".

Logistics Leader of the Year 2023

Following a complex selection process, a jury of 70 industry experts from politics, business, science and the media honoured two men this year who embody this courage to change: Harry Seifert and Axel Frey. Together, the Chairman of the Advisory Board and the CEO of the Seifert Logistics Group have driven forward a remarkable strategic transformation of the medium-sized logistics service provider under the motto "Full speed ahead", which is visible in countless large and small details, but has become even more of a beacon for logistics.
A transformation that focuses on employees, digitalisation and sustainable growth.

Logistics Hall of Fame

Logistics Hall of Fame

"Logistics needs courageous decision-makers who lead the way with their attitude, their clever ideas and concepts, who set trends and are economically successful - for a sustainable future and for a responsible approach to people and resources. The Seifert team embodies these values in an ideal way. Well done, jurors. Well deserved, team Seifert. Congratulations to Harry Seifert and Axel Frey!"

Frank Müller,

Senior Vice President Brand Management, STILL GmbH, Germany

Insights from the gala reception, 2023

Get exclusive insights of the awards ceremony and gala on 29 November 2023 from the tepee at the Federal Chancellery in Berlin.