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Digital fleet management - STILL neXXt fleet

With STILL neXXt fleet, you have all the relevant information for your fleet management in one overview. The innovative and powerful online portal prepares all the relevant data for you in a structured way and enables precise analyses to optimise your fleet management. Would you like to gain an insight into the STILL neXXt fleet digital fleet management system or do you have questions about typical applications of the tool? Meet the Experts" gives you the chance to get to know our fleet management software and typical use cases and to talk to our experts in an exclusive Q&A session.


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 STILL neXXt fleet at a glance

  • Overview of all relevant fleet and truck data in one application
  • Clear visualization
  • Online access from any device
  • Data is securely combined on STILL servers
  • Individual setup with 9 applications
  • notifications - either as system messages or as e-mails - announce automatically, if certain values or deadlines are exceeded


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