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Energy systems for cost-effective and sustainable intralogistics


Your application decides – energy systems for industrial trucks put to the test

In intralogistics, energy use and consumption are a key factor in calculating investment and operating costs. In order to work in a cost-effective and efficient manner, it is therefore crucial to identify the right energy system for the particular transport processes.
Find out why the tried-and-tested lead-acid battery may still have a role to play in future, why lithium-ion technology offers lots of potential savings and why the fuel cell opens up new horizons in terms of sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

If you want to supercharge your knowledge of energy systems, register here now. We look forward to seeing you there.

Webinar recording

Whether you are interested in lead acid, lithium-ion or hydrogen, in this webinar our experts will give you clear selection criteria to make it easier for you to embark on your optimum path towards sustainable and cost-effective use of the precious resource energy.

In order to do this, among other things intralogistics and energy experts will explain:

  • How the choice of energy system impacts on the infrastructure and the energy requirement for the warehouse
  • Whether and to what extent flexible availability of trucks can be achieved that both performs well and is economically efficient
  • How costly load peaks can be avoided and the role that intelligent chargers can play in this area
  • The extent to which the transport process determines the choice of the energy system


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