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STILL opens fourth refurbishment centre for industrial trucks

Circularity is the future

A few days ago, STILL opened its fourth refurbishment centre for used industrial trucks in Çerkezköy, Turkey. On a total area of 8,000 square metres and by means of the most innovative technologies, the company plans to professionally refurbish around 250 forklift trucks and warehouse equipment here every year and return them to the value chain.

Refurbishment - a market of the future

The refurbishment of used industrial trucks for the secondary market is an important pillar of circular intralogistics. At STILL, this has been part of the corporate philosophy for more than 30 years. In its refurbishment centres in Germany, Poland and Italy, STILL now gives around 8,000 forklift trucks and warehouse equipment a new lease of life every year. By investing in a fourth refurbishment centre in Çerkezköy, the company continues to pursue this strategy and is once again expanding its capacity for the growing market for used industrial trucks.

Circularity as key element of sustainable corporate governance

In addition to economic aspects, ecological reasons are now increasingly becoming a decisive factor for companies throughout Europe to opt for a used vehicle or a mixed fleet of new and refurbished premium vehicles.