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STILL presents new product line for maximum customer focus

Best-fit solutions for all requirements

Hamburg, 17. April 2023 - With the new "Classic-Line" products, the Hamburg-based intralogistics expert is adding high-quality entry-level solutions for internal material flow to its portfolio. This expands STILL's target customer group to include companies with less complex intralogistics requirements but a high level of quality awareness. By diversifying its portfolio into 'Xcellence Line' and 'Classic Line' and the launch of the new product line, STILL is responding to changing customer requirements and a growing demand for standardised trucks with a focus on core functionalities.

The "Xcellence Line" (X-Line) from STILL offers the most innovative technology and highest efficiency that allows for a high degree of variation and customisation.

"Making intralogistics smart. Together". True to this motto, STILL has been developing intralogistics solutions that are precisely suited to their customers' needs for more than 100 years. In line with this, the Hamburg-based intralogistics expert is responding to the current change in customer requirements. After a long phase in which the focus was almost exclusively on making trucks and systems faster, more powerful and ever more technically sophisticated in order to meet customers' increasing and ever more complex requirements, there is now a growing market segment in which 'concentrating on the essentials' is the measure of all things. The demand for readily available and attractively priced trucks for less demanding applications and shorter operating times is constantly increasing. "Not everything that is technologically possible is individually the best solution," explains Frank Müller, Senior Vice President STILL Brand Management. "Sometimes it is the comparatively simple truck, available in pre-configured equipment versions, safe and of high quality, that is the smartest solution for a customer's individual challenges and processes."

The STILL commitment: Highest quality and best service

In order to address both segments in future - the established premium market and the market for standardised entry-level solutions, on which STILL has hardly focused until now - in a targeted manner and with a high-quality portfolio, STILL is establishing the 'Xcellence Line' and 'Classic Line' product lines. Both comprise a portfolio of innovative forklift trucks and warehouse equipment and impress with the highest quality and best service. For even in the entry-level segment, STILL attaches great importance to high-quality components and maximum truck safety. At the same time, all customers can rely on expert advice and the comprehensive STILL service network - regardless of which product portfolio they choose.

The STILL Xcellence Line

The "Xcellence Line" (X-Line) includes all previous trucks of the STILL portfolio with a few exceptions. The most innovative technology and highest efficiency that allows for a high degree of variation and customisation; these are - and remain - the characteristics of this line. These industrial trucks are made for the most demanding intralogistics challenges, long shifts and tough applications. A wide range of accessories, assistance systems and automation options also offer customers every possibility of customised configuration for their individual requirements. The centrepiece of the X-Line will be the next generation of STILL electric forklift trucks: the RXE series. It will gradually replace the existing RX series in all weight classes and set new standards in energy efficiency and sustainability.

The STILL Classic Line

The "Classic Line" (C-Line), on the other hand, offers standardised entry-level solutions reduced to the core functions at attractive conditions. These trucks are available with pre-configured equipment packages and are therefore quickly available - even easily and conveniently via the STILL Online Shop. With the C-Line, customers get smart solutions for simple processes - functional, best-fitting and with the usual high level of quality. Some warehouse equipment and forklift trucks from the existing STILL portfolio will be added to the C-Line, but the focus will be on new developments from all areas of intralogistics solutions. They will successively fill and further expand the C-Line portfolio.

Strong customer focus for custom-fit solutions

To develop trucks and solutions consistently in line with customer needs and to anticipate trends and changes at an early stage has always been a key pillar of STILL's business success. The more differentiated the market and customer requirements become, the more important it is to have customer-focused product lines. "It is essential to listen carefully to our customers, to know their challenges and to understand their processes," explains Frank Müller. This, in combination with a diverse portfolio, makes it possible to offer all customers exactly the solution that perfectly fits their respective requirements and working reality. "We are convinced that this - in addition to a competitive portfolio and smart services - is a key success criterion for the intralogistics expert of the future," emphasises Frank Müller.

STILL presents innovations from both portfolios at LogiMAT 2023

At LogiMAT 2023 in Stuttgart, STILL will be presenting the latest highlights of both product lines for the first time. "I don't want to give too much away, but I can already say: it will be electrifying as usual - in both lines," concludes Frank Müller.