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Automated guided vehicles (AGVs)

Automation in intralogistics

We drive automated vehicles.

With STILL iGo, we offer you different vehicle-based expansion stages for the automation of your intralogistics, which can be individually adapted to your requirements.

Hardly any other solution comes with as much potential for process optimisation, data exchange and networking as automated systems. Robots, autonomous vehicles and driverless transport systems (AGVs) play a major role in this.

It is therefore not surprising that an enormous development has taken place in recent years. Huge amounts of R & D are going on, and not only the large and established AGV manufacturers are investing and researching in them. There are also hundreds of start-ups, technology and software companies trying to capture the market in this area. Our experience is that this can be quite confusing for companies that want to start automating their processes.

Not every technological innovation is always the economically sensible one for your task. We make sure that you don't get lost in the jungle of digital Industrie 4.0 offerings and accompany you as partners:

No matter what stage you are at in your automation project, we will determine the exact mix of technical solutions for your intralogistics and always keep a close eye on your return on investment.

  • Fit for the future. Standardised and scalable solutions for every automation requirement.
  • Economical. Suitable automation solution with ROI consideration.
  • Flexible. Different levels of automation: The level of automation is determined by your processes.
  • Safe. Modern navigation technologies and personal protection
  • Complete. Mobile and stationary solutions for completely automated supply chains.
  • Plannable. Short reaction times both in the conception and preparation of offers, as well as in the implementation of projects.

Advice for driverless transport vehicles

  • Analysis of the framework conditions + processes
  • Development of the automation concept
  • Concept validation / business case analysis
  • Project qualification
  • Bid preparation
  • Project planning
  • Implementation
  • Service

Automation solutions require good preparation and sensible planning. Together we evaluate the general conditions of the application area in an initial discussion and talk about the current and planned processes in your warehouse.

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Levels of intralogistics automation

The level of automation is determined by your processes. Our experts work closely with you to find the right level of automation and systematically develop your processes.

1. Assisted driving

Assistance systems automatically support with certain tasks.

2. Semi-automated driving

Vehicles navigate partially autonomously or take over certain tasks automatically.

3. Recommendation for action

Self-driving industrial trucks in a fully automated process.

Automation solutions for intralogistics

STILL's iGo automation solutions serve different levels of intralogistics automation, from assistance systems to semi-automated driving and fully automated logistics processes.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) - Autonomous Horizontal Transport

AMR systems such as the STILL ACH are a simple solution for the automated horizontal transport of goods.