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iGo neo

We drive automated vehicles

The autonomous low level order picker reduces the amount of work for operators

The truck follows its operator and always stops at the optimal picking position.

The picking of goods is a diverse and challenging task in intralogistics. In particular, the high levels of passenger traffic in the picking areas as well as very long transport routes pose major challenges for employees.

The OPX iGo neo can be perfectly integrated into the individual picking processes. The picking employee now has a truck that helps them to work intuitively in a way that was not possible before. The increased picking performance and maximum ergonomics make for a winning combination – and the balance between these two aspects is ultimately important in practice.

With the iGo neo technology, STILL is the first company to succeed in turning series-produced trucks into autonomous assistants for your operator. This allows an order picker such as the OPX iGo neo to follow its operator every step of the way. The truck always stops exactly at the optimum picking position and uses artificial intelligence to intuitively adjust the travel path and speed for the task at hand.

  • Productive. The truck follows its operator and always stops at the optimal picking position. Artificial intelligence intuitively adjusts the travel path and speed for the task at hand.

  • Less work. 75% reduction in instances of strenuous and time-consuming mounting and dismounting, with considerable reduction in walking distances.

  • Safe. A multi-stage safety concept protects people, warehouse equipment and goods. Special sensors record all dynamic and static objects in the warehouse.

  • Reliable. The truck utilises the Hybrid Tracking System to identify the individual operator at all times and to follow them – even when a Z-pick pattern is being used.

  • Efficient. iGo neo significantly increases productivity compared with conventional order picking.

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iGo neo products

Autonomous operator assistant

OPX 20/25 iGo neo

OPX 20/25 iGo neo

The allround talent

  • High handling performance and fast transport of two pallets thanks to a load capacity of 2,000 kg or respectively 2,500 kg
  • Ideal for retail, automotive or food industry
OPX-L 12 iGo neo

OPX-L 12 iGo neo

Der Wendige

  • High load capacity of 1,200 kg for heavy loads on one pallet
  • Suitable for the narrowest working aisles thanks to compact vehicle dimensions
  • Thanks to the mast, goods can be lifted to an optimum working height of up to 786 mm