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iGo – automation

We drive automated vehicles

We drive automated vehicles

For the automation of forklift trucks, STILL offers a uniquely comprehensive range of standardised and scalable solutions. This means that automation projects can be implemented easily at any time. In this way, any company, regardless of its size, can reap the benefits of automated transport processes.

More complex. Faster. Better value. Do you also see yourself confronted with challenges like these every day when competing for satisfied customers?

  • Delivery delays due to rising order intake.
  • Warehouse capacities are reaching their limits.
  • Warehouse employees are exposed to high physical stress.
  • Inefficient processes are caused by errors, empty runs and damage during transport.

You should consider automating your intralogistics processes – an extremely productive way in which to solve these and similar problems with high efficiency.

But not every technological innovation is financially feasible for your task. Our consultants and experts will work closely with you to find the right level of automation and ensure that you do not get lost in the jungle of digital offers from Industry 4.0. We’ll go through it together with you together, a step at a time: Manual. Semi-automatic. Fully automatic.

You too can benefit from the STILL iGo product range and design your intralogistics with an increase in safety, process excellence, availability and cost-effectiveness.

We help you grasp the concept of automation

We use our expertise to help you analyse your processes and identify automation potentials in order to set your company up for the future. You decide whether you would like to take advantage of our additional consulting services. The services are carried out by experienced STILL intralogistics experts and include the following steps in detail:

1. Data acquisition

Once the warehouse has been inspected, we receive a transparent overview of the existing material flow.

2. Analysis

Automation potentials are determined based on process and transport data, as is the technical and economic feasibility of different automation variants.

3. Guidance

You will be provided with individual guidance based on our years of expertise in the sector and on your financial key figures.

4. Concept and requirements

We develop a concept that gives you a clear indication of the added value you can expect. We establish a functional requirement as the basis for implementing your individual solution.

Automation solutions from STILL

The three stages of expansion for an automated future

1. Assisted driving

At this automation level, the driver is assisted in their tasks by various intelligent assistance functions in the truck, but remains responsible for navigation in every situation. For example, STILL offers individually programmable warning messages and situation-related speed adjustments for manual control, enabling highly safe and fatigue-free working.

2. Semi-automated driving

This automation level includes solutions that allow trucks to navigate the warehouse with partial independence, using special software or artificial intelligence and sensors. This makes them an intelligent partner for their users. With this equipment, order pickers can follow their operators every step of the way, and very narrow aisle trucks can be moved semi-automatically to the correct pallet position along the optimal route. However, the driver retains responsibility for the operation of their industrial truck in each step. In this way, semi-automated trucks relieve the burden on the employee and increase both the productivity and the safety of your warehouse.

3. Fully automated driving

Self-propelled industrial trucks for the automation of intralogistics are now being successfully used by many industry leaders, where they are demonstrably leading to significant improvements in handling performance. With standardised automation kits, individual STILL series-produced trucks can be automated in no time at all for different process requirements and scaled to create a comprehensive automated logistics process.

iGo pilot

The assistance system for narrow aisles

With its iGo pilot navigation and iGo pilot safety functions, the iGo driver assistance system combines the individual topography of your warehouse with the very narrow aisle trucks operating within it. While iGo pilot navigation guides the operator and their very narrow aisle truck semi-automatically along an optimal route to the desired pallet location, iGo pilot safety uses a variety of safety features to protect goods, shelves and building equipment as well as the truck from damage.

iGo neo

The autonomous partner

With the iGo neo technology, STILL is the first company to succeed in turning series-produced trucks into autonomous assistants for your operator. This allows an order picker such as the OPX iGo neo to follow its operator every step of the way. The truck always stops exactly at the optimum picking position and intuitively adjusts the travel path and speed using artificial intelligence for the task at hand.

iGo systems

The fully automated logistics process

iGo systems implement the automated interaction of one or multiple different industrial trucks in order to perform transport tasks in the warehouse without a driver. A suitable STILL standard truck is therefore equipped with the iGo automation kit for each transport task. The iGo software then takes over truck control and traffic regulation, achieves effective fleet utilisation and monitors all battery charges.

Struggling to decide?

Our experts are on hand at all times to answer your questions about our portfolio.