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Fleet Management

FleetManager 4.x

Our trucks communicate with us

Who is authorised to use which truck? Who used it for what and when? When was it involved in an accident? Such questions can be relatively easily monitored when dealing with a small number of trucks. With a larger fleet it becomes more complex and more difficult to control.

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The Solution: The FleetManager™ 4.x made by STILL

What can FleetManager™ 4.x do?

  • Usage rights using a data card
  • Use by various operators - also with different authorizations
  • Vehicle parameterization using the data card.(e.g. vehicle speeds)
  • Recording of operational statistics and shock events
  • Upkeep and administration of technical and commercial data concerning the vehicle, batteries, etc.
  • Needs oriented analysis (e.g. utilization efficiency evaluation, logbooks)
  • Network capable
  • Data transmission using the data card and cable or wireless connections (GPRS)

The FleetManager™ 4.x modules

Altogether, four different functionalities can be combined:

  • Vehicle fleet information system + user authorization (standard)
  • Accident recorder (optional)
  • Load recognition (optional)
  • Recording of operational uses and times (optional)

Overview of functions

Vehicle fleet information system + access monitoring

  • Data card: defined driver/vehicle assignment
  • Assignment also possible for predetermined lengths of time
  • Protection against unauthorized vehicle use
  • Definable validity periods and extension
  • The data card can be parameterized

Load Recognition

  • Measurement of hydraulic pressure using load recognition sensors
  • The goods transported must be a minimum of 5 % of the rated capacity

In full knowledge, in full control

FleetManager 4.x is the next stage of evolution for modern fleet management. With this innovative software, you are able to control your own fleet more efficiently and effectively than ever. Plus you can do this whenever and wherever you want. As FleetManager 4.x is a web application, there is no complex installation involved. Once you have activated the software online, which takes no time at all, you will have unlimited access to your selected functions straight away. This is the case wherever you are in the world – being tied to one place is a thing of the past.

From controlling individual access rights to intelligently detecting unusual vehicle conditions and automatically generating a wide variety of report types, all relevant information can be transferred quickly and conveniently by GPRS or Bluetooth i.e. wirelessly. It is also possible to automatically dispatch certain information to a selected group of recipients without any problems. It has never been easier to get the best from your fleet of forklift trucks.

Increasing work safety:

  • A wide variety of report types guarantees demand-orientated and easily accessible evaluation of all available forklift truck data
  • You will have access to a brief overview of your fleet's efficiency at any time
  • Automated reports make it possible to monitor progress of optimisation measures in a simple and convenient way
  • Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you can concentrate fully on what really counts – maximum efficiency of your fleet of forklift trucks
  • You can see the following straight away on the FleetManager start screen: fleet status, forklift truck notifications, system notifications, access rights, open tasks
  • FleetManager tells you whatever you want to know about your fleet: from the number of forklift trucks active at the same time to the types of usage, the use of trucks and energy consumption
  • Reports bring you a wealth of benefits: you are able to achieve a balanced truck usage rate, determine optimum usage profiles, maximise truck usage times, identify potential for savings, increase work safety, plan driver training in a targeted manner, and much more

Optimising your fleet of forklift trucks:

  • Define individual usage profiles for different drivers for each forklift truck
  • Properties of the truck, such as maximum driving and lifting speed, automatically adapt to each operator
  • Use the pre-shift check to ensure that the status of the truck has been checked and that the system has been notified of this before starting work
  • Quick, convenient and flexible commissioning of the forklift truck by quickly touching on with a chip, customer card or FleetManager card or typing in a PIN code
  • Impossible to forget: thanks to the auto-logout, the truck is automatically locked after a freely selectable period of time

Reducing physical damage:

  • Precise detection of unusual truck loading by means of high-grade acceleration sensor
  • Driving speed, time of collision and name of the driver and forklift truck are automatically recorded and sent to selected recipients
  • Specify how a truck should react to the collision with just a few clicks of the mouse: reduce speed, activate flashing lights or hazard warning light
  • Driver awareness is an effective way to prevent physical damage
  • A detailed report provides you with all of the details on shock events so that you can take targeted preventative measures
  • Information can be sent automatically by email to selected recipients if required