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Fleet management

STILL neXXt fleet

Setting a standard in fleet management

STILL neXXt fleet is the most innovative and most powerful web portal to optimize fleets of industrial trucks.

The system sets new standards in terms of accessibility, availability, transparency, user friendliness and means of visualisation.

STILL neXXt fleet bundles all the relevant information for the user in a single tool. This is the end of individually combining different kinds of data. neXXt fleet joins up all data for fast analysis and optimisation action.

Login STILL neXXt fleet

Please find here the link to the login-page for STILL neXXt fleet, where you can log in with your user data.

Login STILL neXXt fleet demonstrator

Please find here the login page for STILL neXXt fleet demonstrator, where you can log in with the login data you have received.

STILL neXXt fleet at a glance

  • Overview of all relevant fleet and truck data in one application
  • Clear visualization
  • Online access from any device
  • Data is securely combined on STILL servers
  • Individual setup with 9 applications
  • notifications - either as system messages or as e-mails - announce automatically, if certain values or deadlines are exceeded

Module Overview: The STILL neXXt fleet Components

STILL neXXt fleet consists of 9 different applications.

  • Clear overview and high transparency over the truck fleet
  • Helpful basic information about every truck quickly made available
  • Direct access to important truck related documents

Keeping the overview in your fleet management:

The fleet overview is a clear presentation of the complete fleet. Individual trucks can be shown at their individual sites. Also, truck-specific information can be stored. This information can be edited and augmented by the user.

  • Full transparency of service and financing costs
  • Automatic alert on surpassing defined cost limits
  • Elaborate data transfer via Excel for proprietary reporting tools

Summary of all applications:

The application provides a detailed overview of all fleet related invoicing documents e.g. maintenance and repair costs, safety inspection and insurance. The application allows to compare several trucks across different locations. The respective comparisons and invoicing documents can be imported into Excel or downloaded.

  • Visual summary of all maintenance and inspection dates in a single application
  • Documentation of maintenance and inspections
  • Automatic notification of upcoming maintenance and inspection dates

Overview and FEM/safety inspection at a glance:

With the application, users have an overview of all upcoming inspection dates of the truck fleet. Four weeks before a due date for maintenance or safety inspections, the system automatically sends a message. In case of overdue inspections dates, an alert message is displayed on screen.

  • Precise evaluation of truck utilisation
  • Easy and fast identification of potential savings
  • Automatic notification if utilisation drops below defined limits

Summary of truck usage:

The application collects data stored in the GSM box on the truck. Analyses of truck utilisation can be carried out based on times of log-on, driving, lifting and lowering which are recorded. A comparison of truck utilisation of trucks across continents/countries or locations is possible. Trucks within the fleet can also be compared to each other.