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We've switched off STILLReport

STILL neXXt fleet is your new, innovative fleet management software.

STILLReport was switched off on 31.12.2019!
Find out everything about the shift from STILLReport to STILL neXXt fleet!

The new fleet management software STILL neXXt fleet is an innovative new development that enables you to manage your fleet from anywhere and from any device. STILL neXXt fleet processes all available data of your vehicles and displays them clearly. User-friendly operation, a notification system for critical key figures, a clear dashboard and numerous download options characterise the new system.

STILLReport becomes STILL neXXt fleet?

FAQ – frequently asked questions with answers about the switch from STILLReport to STILL neXXt fleet.

Why does STILL stop STILLReport?

STILLReport has been a good tool for the controlling of truck fleets since its launch in 2010. STILLReport is a web-based tool for fleet management.

But from today’s point of view there have been many developments in the information technology. The higher demand of truck analytics and new functionalities which is requested from the market led us to further development. Additionally, the request of mobile applications and the possibility to grant access to our platform via different devices (e.g. smartphone, tablet and laptop) became an important factor for our and our customers daily business.

Unfortunately, the technology of STILLReport is not supporting these kind of development and integration into modern information technology-infrastructure.

In order to provide our customers with the best possible data quality, availability and possibility of integration into mobile applications and web-service, as well as the ability to add continuous enhancements with new features, we were forced to look for new technologies and systems.

During this procedure, we have created a unique platform called STILL neXXt. STILL neXXt is one big eco-system, to create perfect customer service moments. In order to do this STILL neXXt transparently collates all the data sources and functions relevant to your intralogistics in various applications and enables quick and easy access to all of these different offers. Within STILL neXXt you have different applications from which you can use each one individually fitted to your needs.

The application that is replacing STILLReport in this new infrastructure is called STILL neXXt fleet.

What is STILL neXXt fleet?

STILL neXXt fleet is a tool – including nine different applications – in our STILL neXXt eco-system. It stands for smart and efficient fleet management.

The innovative and powerful web portal STILL neXXt fleet comprises a number of different applications that are comfortably and easily accessible from anywhere and that allow compiling data for fast analysis and optimization measures. STILL neXXt fleet offers every opportunity for smart data collection and processing to make logistics processes easier, faster and more cost efficient.

To do this, all relevant information about a fleet of industrial trucks, such as commercial and technical data from SAP is combined with data directly retrieved from the trucks and is bundled in a single data world to allow the user to analyze the fleet comprehensively and precisely.

To use the portal, the user only needs internet access and a web browser to access STILL neXXt fleet from any device with internet connectivity, e.g. laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Compared to STILLReport, STILL neXXt fleet offers a lot more functions, e.g.:

  • New user interface,
  • Multi-site view,
  • Different data sources (truck data and commercial data),
  • Various analysis,
  • A notification system,
  • An alert system,
  • Modern dashboard and
  • Possibility to review your fleet data of the past 5 years.

Please use our product-website for further information regarding STILL neXXt fleet.

What do I have to do if I am already using STILL neXXt fleet?

If you are already using STILL neXXt fleet nothing will change for you.

What happens to my STILLReport account after the shutdown of STILLReport?

After the shutdown of STILLReport your account will be deleted, taking the applicable data protection regulations into account.

What is my user-id and password to use STILL neXXt fleet?

To make the access to our new platform as easy as possible for you, we already created a new account for you. A user-id and password has been sent to all STILLReport users via E-Mail between September and November 2018. In the latest newsletter of November 2019, you have received your user-id again. 

In case you forgot your user-id or you did not receive one in the latest mailing please send an email to our support team with the following information:

  • Name, Surname,
  • Company name and
  • E-Mail address (you used for STILLReport).


In case you forgot your password (see pictures below) please make use of the “forgot password” functionality on the STILL neXXt platform – or use the direct link to the “forgot password” function. You will need your user-id to create a new password.

After the first log in you will have a 30-day free trial of all available applications of STILL neXXt fleet.

What happens to my STILLReport contract?

STILLReport was shut down by the end of 2019. To use STILL neXXt fleet we ask you to directly contact your responsible salesman for contract details.

How do I use STILL neXXt fleet?

If you do not know your user-id or password please check the previous question “What is my user-id and password to use STILL neXXt fleet?”.

You have the possibility to log in via You have to insert your user-id and your password. The correct user-id and password leads you to the launcher page of STILL neXXt fleet.

If you like to know how to use STILL neXXt fleet in detail please log in and then proceed to the STILL neXXt helping area to watch tutorial videos and read through short explanations of all functionalities.

STILL neXXt fleet helping area in STILL neXXt portal (only available after login).

Which applications are available in STILL neXXt fleet?

Discover all functions here.

The fleet optimizer

Make the most of your fleet - with STILL neXXt fleet.



All vehicle informations on capacity utilization, costs and scheduling of maintenance and service measurements are continuously recorded and visually presented in various modules for analysis.



This powerful online tool enables you to precisely identify optimization potential in your fleet and thereby increase the profitability of your intralogistics.



You can see at a glance how you can optimally use your vehicles, avoid overcapacities and plan service measures depending on production processes. To make sure you don't miss anything, the individually configurable notification function automatically reminds you when certain cost limits or deadlines are exceeded.