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Safety of your forklift truck - at an affordable price!

Smart Savings Packages

Safety of your forklift truck - at an affordable price!

Drive safe and save: STILL is offering all customers who require a new electric forklift truck the chance to make huge savings with our attractive equipment packages which include safety features at a one-off special price.

The combinable STILL safety packages are available in three variation: Safety Work, Safety Vision and Safety Load.
 Improve your safety.

  • Attractive prices with our premium safety packages
  • Modern safety technology makes your electric forklift even more efficient
  • Flexible packages which can be easily combined to suit your individual requirements

Benefit from our premium safety packages at an affordable price: Safety Work, Safety Vision and Safety Load.


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Packages in detail

SafetyWork - Safe working with more visibility

In addition to the STILL SafetyLight, the safety package SafetyWork includes a warning light, a panoramic mirror and an assistance system to reduce cornering speed in accordance with the steering anglee.

The STILL SafetyLight warns other traffic of the approaching truck by a blue dot of light on the floor about 5 metres away from the truck. The warning light flashes when switched on and supports the visibility in areas with prescribed hearing protection. The panoramic mirror enlarges the field of vision and reduces the blind spot. Due to the Curve Speed Control Control an assistance system reduces cornering speed in accordance with the steering angle.

SafetyVision - The best view for easy handling

The safety package SafetyVision includes two front LED lamps and an LED working lights at the rear of the driver's cabin.

The front working lights facilitate pallet stacking and storage. The working headlights on the rear illuminate the track when reversing. At the same time, the SafetyVision package improves the visibility and perception of the forklift truck for others.

SafetyLoad - Transporting goods safely

The safety package SafetyLoad consists of a load backrest and a OHG mesh guard.

The load backrest reduces the risk that small load parts drop over the fork carriage onto the overhead guard or the driver. The OHG mesh guard protects the driver from objects falling off the forks.

* Offer is subject to purchase or leasing of a new RX 60 25-35, RX 60 35-50 electric truck. Price benefit compared to purchase of individual components.