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You can drive safely with us

Safety Assist

There are numerous causes for faulty processes – a lack of concentration, an incorrect assessment of situations, as well as environmental factors to which the driver is unable to react correctly or quickly enough. Our smart driver assistance systems not only continuously monitor the environment, thus providing guidance for the drivers, but can also actively intervene in certain events. They recognise potentially critical driving situations and are able to accelerate and decelerate independently. In addition to increased warehouse and operator safety, they also provide top performance with the highest level of energy efficiency thanks to the intelligent driving programmes.

Driver assistance systems and functions from STILL



Warning Zone Light/ Warning Zone Light Plus

Perfect addition to the STILL SafetyLight

The STILL warning zone light projects two strips of light to the left and right of the forklift truck. The optional illumination equipment serves as a visual warning for pedestrians and other drivers in the vicinity by projecting luminescent strips on the hall floor at the sides of the forklift truck.

The STILL Warning Zone Light Plus projects a semi-circle around the rear of the truck. This also increases awareness of the truck and marks a typical danger zone when approaching. This reduces the risk of pedestrian injury.

The STILL Warning Zone Light and the STILL Warning Zone Light Plus therefore perfectly complement the STILL Safety Light, which projects a blue cone of light in the front of the truck in the direction of driving.