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Camera systems

Safety solutions

Give your drivers an extra set of eyes for a comprehensive overview.

“You can’t have eyes everywhere”, no, maybe not everywhere but definitely in all safety-relevant areas. Our camera systems ensure that operators have an optimal view of their driving and loading environment at all times.

Fork camera system

The fork camera prevents damage to goods, personal injury due to falling loads, and collisions with the shelving. The system is mounted on the inner side of the fork tips and improves the visibility of the load, particularly at large lift heights, as the camera view is displayed on the driver’s monitor.

Solution available for following trucks

Camera systems for fork carriage, outer mast and rear

The camera systems for fork carriage, outer mast and rear offer improved visibility and thus help to prevent collisions with the warehouse infrastructure, as well as personal injury. The camera, which is attached to the truck according to its position, improves the driver’s vision of the environment by displaying an image on the driver’s monitor of everything that is captured by the camera in front and behind the truck.

Solution available for following trucks