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Stationary solutions

Safety solutions

Create a warehouse environment that is as safe as the trucks that drive within it.

Even the safest forklift truck is only as safe as the environment in which it is operating. Create a holistic safety concept with automatic doors, traffic mirrors and automatic barriers.

Rack support guard

The rack support guard protects the legs of the racking from collisions to the front and sides, as well as any scratches caused by trucks. It also acts as a shock absorber and absorbs impact energy. Damage to the supports is reduced and the stability of the rack systems is maintained.

Rack impact protection

The rack impact protection protects the exposed front side of shelving structures and absorbs shocks. Round end posts provide particularly effective protection at exposed barrier ends. The innovative rotating cuffs deflect and dissipate impact forces to the side.


The bollards are a robust solution which protect the system by guiding trucks and pedestrians around it. Stable and clearly visible bollards increase attentiveness and can be used as signposts in traffic areas.

Alarm strip

The quick and easy installation of the alarm strip helps to protect doors and other installations beneath the ceiling, such as door frames, loading ramps and bridge constructions, as well as sprinkler and ventilation systems. When contact is made, a visual and acoustic alarm is triggered, which helps to prevent collisions.

Column guard

The column guard is specially developed to protect rectangular and square concrete columns and steel supports of any height. In addition, multiple column guard elements can be combined with one another using a stacking function, without having to be screwed into the floor.

Footpath separation

The flexible, energy-absorbing barriers that visually mark transport routes protect all road users in case of accidents and absorb impact energy. Separating footpaths from transport routes and other potential sources of danger is ideal for areas where there is a high risk of collision.

Traffic barriers

These flexible and highly resistant barriers provide visual guidance and physical protection. In areas with a high traffic volume, the barriers protect buildings, machines and equipment from damage caused by impacts from trucks both indoors and outdoors.