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Wireless collision avoidance

Safety solutions

Enable forklift trucks, people and objects in the warehouse to communicate with one another.

Protect your warehouse from collisions by allowing it to prevent them by itself! Enable forklift trucks, people and objects to communicate with and react to one another. This is made possible thanks to bi-directional wireless sensors.

Wireless collision avoidance

The wireless collision avoidance protects drivers, employees and trucks from dangerous situations, even without visibility. The system requires the truck to be pre-fitted with a set of antennae, a driver interface and a connection to the vehicle controller. It allows trucks, pedestrians and stationary wireless modules (e.g. on doors, entrances, hazard points) to communicate with each other. When trucks approach pedestrians, both parties receive an optical and acoustic warning (warning zone). In case of dangerous approaches (protection zone), they are alerted and interventions in the operation (braking) may be triggered. It therefore prevents ‘vehicle to pedestrian’ and ‘vehicle to vehicle’ collisions.

Solution available for following trucks