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Zone detection

Safety solutions

Ensure that forklift trucks identify risk zones and adjust their settings to the environment appropriately.

Is more care needed in certain areas in your warehouse than others? Make sure that your forklift trucks can independently identify when they are entering a risk area and, for example, automatically reduce speed or lower the mast in these situations.

Ceiling sensor

The ceiling sensor detects low ceiling heights and prompts the driver to reduce their speed in order to promote general work safety in the warehouse. It comprises an ultrasonic sensor on the roof of the truck, which detects ceilings up to a height of 20 m. Depending on the sensor signal, the maximum speed is controlled, whereby the standard speed is 6 km/h.


Solution available for following trucks

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Zone detection

The wireless zone detection promotes general work safety thanks to automatic speed reduction in certain areas or by opening doors when a truck is approaching. It comprises a wireless system (incl. antennae set, driver interface and connection to the vehicle controller), which allows the truck, pedestrians and stationary wireless modules (on doors, entrances and hazard points) to communicate with each other.