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Stability monitoring

Safety solutions

Avoid unstable driving or load situations.

Ensure your storage fleet keeps its wheels on the ground. Assistance systems and safety features help your operators to avoid dangerous driving or load situations.

Active Floor Compensation (AFC)

So that everything runs smoothly – even if the floor doesn't

Active Floor Compensation (AFC) for STILL VNA trucks MX-X l – maximum performance even on uneven floors.

With the assistance system for the MX-X Very Narrow Aisle Truck, we offer a genuine alternative to reconditioning the warehouse floor. The system identifies any uneven surfaces in the load wheels’ path and compensates for them in real time. This ensures that the truck frame always remains horizontal and the mast vertical. The AFC system – the only one of its kind on the market – has ultra-fast processors which allow it to react instantaneously, even when travelling at top speeds. In contrast to passive systems that only have a dampening effect, this system actively prevents vibrations before they occur.


Solution available for following trucks

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Curve Speed Control

Automatic speed adjustment for curves

The speed limiter controlled by steering angle reduces possible damage to goods by adapting to an appropriate cornering speed. This assistance function is available for various forklift trucks and warehouse technology devices, and regulates the driving speed automatically according to the steering angle. In other words, the driver doesn’t need to worry about speed when cornering. The truck automatically decelerates precisely as much as necessary for the operator to drive as safely but as quickly as possible.

Solution available for following trucks

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Dynamic Load Control

Estimate load capacities correctly:
in the first extension level, DLC 1, a colour display and control unit shows the estimated load weight and indicates to the operator if the nominal lifting capacity is exceeded. Users therefore receive a load estimate and can use the load capacity to determine the maximum permissible lift height based to the lifted load.

Estimate weight correctly:
the second extension level, DLC 2, takes this step off the operator's hands, as it supplies the maximum lift height on the display in addition to the load weight estimate. In addition, the coloured load capacity strip is included on the mast so you can read the current lift height.

Display of the lift height and the maximum lift height based on the measured load weight plus lift stop when the maximum lift height is reached:
in the highest extension level, DLC 3, the operator can see a load estimate, the associated maximum lift height and the current lift height on the display. The lift height is measured using an ultrasonic sensor, which means the forklift truck always knows its current lift height. The user also receives a warning when they approach the maximum residual load capacity. If the maximum permissible lift height is exceeded, the forklift truck automatically terminates the lifting process. This greatly facilitates storage and retrieval while significantly increasing efficiency and safety.

Solution available for following trucks

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Active Load Stabilisation (ALS)

No wobble here

The FM-X is always more than just a fork ahead of the rest. Thanks to Active Load Stabilising (ALS) you can be dealing with the next goods transport while others have to wait for the mask to stop vibrating. An automatic equalising pulse provides a fast and effective way of stopping the vibrations from occurring at great heights, reducing the waiting time at the shelf by up to 80%. The result is a significant increase in turnaround speed.

Solution available for following trucks

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Speed limitation when fork carriage is raised

For the safe transport of goods: when driving with raised forks, there is a risk that the loaded pallets could tip, damaging the goods. The driving speed is automatically reduced depending on the lift height in order to prevent this.

Lift height display

The LED lift height sensor integrated as standard ensures the highest level of precision of the lift height display from the first millimetre. The driver is therefore always aware of the fork tip height and can manoeuvre with precision in order to ensure that they do not touch the shelf when lifting the pallet. The system works with a repeat accuracy of less than +/- 5 mm and the driver is able to see the lift height on the display at all times.

Lift height pre-selection

In addition to the lift height display, there is a range of lift height pre-selection systems available for the STILL FM-X reach truck. Manual lift height selection is available as standard. The Easy Target and Easy Target Plus systems are available as options.

Easy Target enables fast and precise positioning of the forks at the desired shelf levels, without the need for manual height corrections. This increases safety for both the driver and the goods. Up to eight areas, each with 20 levels, can be programmed. From 150 kg, the forklift truck is able to independently determine whether the operator wishes to store or retrieve loads and thus consider the pallet free lift accordingly. Another option available is Easy Target Plus, which also ensures that the fork tilt is in the neutral position. How you benefit: Individual customisation to suit all warehouse conditions, high degree of safety for the driver and the goods, and guided operation via the display assistant – also, for less experienced drivers, the shelf level can be selected in a matter of seconds.

Load measuring

A pressure measurement in the hydraulic circuit detects, calculates and permanently displays the load mass in operation on the operator’s display. This prevents tipping accidents due to overloading. The measurement procedure for load detection works from a mass of 50 kg and offers accuracy of +/- 5% of the nominal load.

However, the load measurement, which is activated by the driver, is even more precise and detects deviations of just 3% of the nominal load.

If the nominal load exceeds the maximum permitted load by 10%, the overload detection gradually restricts the lifting function before stopping it altogether, in order to avoid tipping accidents.

Positioning laser

More safety, more comfort: the optional positioning laser projects the fork height with a green laser line on the carrier, thus serving as a visual extension of the fork. This facilitates orientation when storing and retrieving goods, as well as increasing both the handling capacity and the degree of safety. The positioning laser can be easily switched on and off at the touch of a button and poses no threat to the naked eye.

Load capacity display

Stability at all times: the optional load capacity display shows the user the current lift height and the associated residual load capacity at all times. The load capacities and lift heights are displayed on the coloured signs attached directly to the mast.


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