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Stability monitoring

Safety solutions

Avoid unstable driving or load situations.

Ensure your storage fleet keeps its wheels on the ground. Assistance systems and safety features help your operators to avoid dangerous driving or load situations.

Active Floor Compensation (AFC)

So that everything runs smoothly – even if the floor doesn't

Active Floor Compensation (AFC) for STILL VNA trucks MX-X l – maximum performance even on uneven floors.

With the assistance system for the MX-X Very Narrow Aisle Truck, we offer a genuine alternative to reconditioning the warehouse floor. The system identifies any uneven surfaces in the load wheels’ path and compensates for them in real time. This ensures that the truck frame always remains horizontal and the mast vertical. The AFC system – the only one of its kind on the market – has ultra-fast processors which allow it to react instantaneously, even when travelling at top speeds. In contrast to passive systems that only have a dampening effect, this system actively prevents vibrations before they occur.


Solution available for following trucks

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Curve Speed Control

Automatic speed adjustment for curves

The speed limiter controlled by steering angle reduces possible damage to goods by adapting to an appropriate cornering speed. This assistance function is available for various forklift trucks and warehouse technology devices, and regulates the driving speed automatically according to the steering angle. In other words, the driver doesn’t need to worry about speed when cornering. The truck automatically decelerates precisely as much as necessary for the operator to drive as safely but as quickly as possible.

Solution available for following trucks